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Perfect Poppy

June 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 151

Poppy is the supplier of the "I want" stuff for his grandkids. It has been so since our first granddaughter, thirteen years ago. (Yep, his pockets have been being picked for awhile) I am the more prudent purveyor of purchases and provisions (stingy); and they know it. On one occasion, Poppy had to pick up our eldest granddaughter from daycare. On the way home, she told him they needed to go to a store and buy a toy for her to play with until her parents came. He immediately called me at work for assistance. I told him to take her to the dollar store, give her $5.00, and make it a math lesson. In just a few minutes my phone rang again, "Ugh, she says that Gran always takes her to the green store and she wants to go to Walmart."

I told him which isle to go down (Yep, I know Walmart like that) and to look for the toy display where all of the toys were in primary colors and priced from $3.88 to $9.88 (with men you have to be descriptive). I didn't get another phone call; so, I assumed all had gone well. I got home and found the two of them in matching aprons waiting for the last cake to come out of her brand new Easy Bake Oven. I looked at Poppy and the expression on my face prompted him to quickly tell me, "I found the aisle you described but she told me that was the aisle you always took her on. Then, she grabbed my hand, led me to a different aisle and excitedly pointed to the Easy Baked Oven". Know anyone looking for an almost new, used only once, Easy Baked Oven? I have that one AND the one our daughter had.

Poppy is also the provider of pocket money, giving each of our grandkids a weekly allowance for their "I Wants." Our youngest is three; and, just the other day she went to her mom with her pocketbook in hand and announced, "All Gone." My daughter got a few dollars out of her wallet to put in the now empty purse, which was immediately slammed shut and accompanied by a new announcement, " No! Take it back. Poppy gives me money."

Poppy is surely in the running to be the best grandpa ever; but, he had deep and lasting footprints to follow - his dad. I see parallels in the patterns of their unconditional expressions of love and inherent senses of responsibility toward their grandchildren. God has truly blessed them with the Perfect Poppy.

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