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Grandparenting: Patience Is a Key Ingredient

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 169

From raising children, any good grandparent is going to have to understand that patience is going to be extremely important in the relationship you have or are developing with a grandchild. Just so it is clear, patience is NOT a two way street; it's all on you as the grandparent. Grandchildren are always in a hurry and when you're a grandparent, you usually are wanting to slow things down. Those bundles of energy are going to want you to get up off your hind parts and get moving with them. Try keeping up as it may do you some good but just remember this time is about them, not you, so take a deep breath and don't let what you were doing get in the way of fun time with your grandchildren.

The patience you have with them will come across very easily and let them know they are important. Your children may have jumped and immediately done everything you told them to when they were growing up. (Pinch yourself and wake up as you are dreaming if you are believing that) Your grandchildren are probably NOT going to do that and will often test you just to see how much they can get away with. Give them a lot of rope here. If you have to tell them a few more times than you would like to, it's ok. Don't let them not do the right thing just have the patience to let them take a little longer coming around than YOU may normally like. Do you REALLY want to have to discipline one of your grandchildren??? I don't think so. So having enough patience with them can generally get them to come around to your point of view without having a time out session or having to raise your voice. Patience also helps YOU out because it keeps your blood pressure down, you don't have to strain your vocal cords as much, when an "accident" of any kind happens it remains an accident and not a major ordeal, and other parents and grandparents marvel at how cool and calm you are with your grandchildren and want to get your secrets of being a great grandparent which you may be able to write about someday. HA!!!

So just remember, getting angry and upset but then trying to tell your grandchildren how much you love them will usually not compute with them. Set your internal patience meter on high every time you get around your grandchildren and they will always want to be around their grandparents.

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