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Telematics and GPS Technology - What Are You Tracking?

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 214

When it comes to telematics and GPS technology, what are you tracking?

The Collins English Dictionary describes telematics as, "the branch of science concerned with the use of technological devices to transmit information over long distances."

It is a rather broad description, but clearly explains the basics of what telematics were designed to do.

GPS technology is seeking to take things a step farther.

The question is, how will telematics and GPS technology continue to benefit both business and the consumer?

Telematics and Business

According to PC Mag, "GPS navigation, integrated hands-free cellphones, wireless communications and automatic driving assistance systems all come under the telematics umbrella."

Vehicles offering services like, OnStar or Sync, are equipped with telematics.

For companies like Ford and General Motor's, telematic features are huge selling points for their consumers.

For fleet management companies needing a vehicle location service, telematics are a cost-effective and discrete option.

GPS technology uses telematics to allow a company to not only track vehicle location, but monitor speed, create maintenance alerts, and more efficiently dispatch their fleet of vehicles from one location to the next.

A GPS tracking system such as the L2000 or the X4000 provide businesses with the ability to access valuable data important to managing driver behaviors such as: engine idling, speeding, using company vehicle for personal use, and not taking the most mileage affective routes.

All these types of behaviors cost businesses money on fuel consumption, insurance, and maintenance expenses.

Using telematics and GPS technology can improve these behaviors, while increasing benefits to consumers.

Telematics and the Consumer

Businesses that use telematics, GPS navigation or a vehicle location service, are gathering information about how their drivers are behaving on the road and how it affects consumer safety.

With a GPS vehicle tracking device in place, drivers begin to pay more attention to posted speed signs.

This benefits consumers as there is less worry of drivers speeding to meet response or delivery times.

Drivers using company mandated GPS technology make sure to turn their vehicles off when parked, preventing engine idling.

This gives consumers peace of mind knowing their air quality isn't being further polluted by drivers simply waiting to go to or do their job.

Drivers are checking route information for the option that provides the best mileage to reduce fuel consumption and engine wear and tear.

Dispatchers are able to dispatch vehicles to locations in a more timely manner by knowing the closet vehicle to a call location.

Consumers are less likely to have a negative customer service experience with your company due to a driver becoming lost or late, when using telematics or other GPS technology.

Vehicle location is only a small part of telematics.

GPS technology does more than just provide mapping information.

When it comes to GPS navigation, has a custom solution for any type of business looking to track a fleet or protect an asset.

L.A. Turner is the GPS Press Contact for GPSTrackit dot com. With a passion for news, safety, and all things green she is bringing the internet news about GPS tracking, vehicle location, asset monitoring and protection and more.

Looking to improve driver accountability among your fleet? View your solutions here.

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