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Improve Your Driving

February 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 202

The very nature of a driver and its designed purpose makes it a very individualistic golf club requiring its own swing, etc. Due to the fact that it is the only club in the bag that does not make contact with the ground through impact, has the lowest loft angle of any golf club, and is used to hit a ball that is teed up lends itself to every swing fault that exists. There is no question that becoming proficient with a driver is much more difficult than with any other golf club. Consequently, the only way to become proficient with it is through practice, practice, and more practice.

For years I could not hit a straight drive to save my life. Certainly I could hit monster drives, but instead of keeping track of fairways hit I kept track of counties hit. Like all golfers I wanted to add the extra distance that my #3 wood did not provide plus I wanted the same level of accuracy as my #3 wood. The solution to my problem came through practice. For three days straight I went to the range with only my driver and hit 80 balls per session, resting and analyzing between each shot (hitting balls one right after another without a short period in between to reflect is exercise, not practice). Mid-way through the first day I began to groove a stance, set-up, ball position, and swing that seemed to work over and over. The purpose of the next two days was to fully ingrain these elements into muscle memory. By the end of the third range session I could easily go through 80 balls and hit 75 of them perfectly.

What is interesting is that to this day I only need to spend two or three days at the range in the spring and I will maintain my driver swing all summer long. Anyway, here are a few things that may help:

1. Go to the range three days in a row taking only your driver.

2. Never hit more than 80 balls per day and rest/analyze between each shot. Hitting more balls than this is counter-productive as you will become tired, sloppy, and discouraged.

3. Try to hit the ball as hard as you can and fully release your right wrist (R/H golfer) through impact (imagine that you are hitting the ball as hard as possible with a ping-pong paddle). When taking a practice swing you want to hear a whooshing sound through the impact zone.

4. Completely eliminate any lateral swaying motion from your swing. For the right-handed golfer this means not swaying to the right on the back-swing and not swaying to the left on the down-swing. Imagine that there is a pole stuck into the back of your head that runs straight down your spine and is stuck in the ground - all you want to do is rotate your upper torso around this pole bringing the club behind you on the back-swing (not out to your right side).

5. Never play a round of golf without warming up with your driver at the range. I always split a bucket of balls with my playing partners before teeing off.

6. The swing with a driver is much flatter than with any of the other golf clubs. You might try imagining throwing a side-arm pitch or skipping a rock on a pond.

7. Last but not least, try to keep your right elbow (R/H golfer) tucked in as close as possible to your belt loops as it rotates around your waist throughout the entire backswing and during the downswing through impact. If you notice, this requires you to tilt to the right a bit which adds power and helps to flatten out your swing plane.

The driver itself is a very important part of the equation. Do not believe all of the marketing hype that is promulgated in magazine and television advertising, and certainly do not make your purchase decision based upon your favorite player's endorsement (he is being paid handsomely to play a particular driver). Professional golfers make 90% of their income from lucrative endorsement deals (believe me, they would play croquet mallets if the price was right).

The typical driver on the market today is 46" in length, has a loft angle of 8º to 10.5º, and has a lie angle of 55º to 56º. However, the vast majority of golfers will hit the ball farther and with a much higher degree of accuracy using a driver that is 2" to 4" shorter than this, has a higher loft angle, and has an upright club-head lie angle in the 60º range.

About the Author:

David Lake is the founder and President of 1 Iron Golf, Inc. His book: "1 Iron Golf...the common sense approach to better golf", introduced golfers to the advantages of single-length sets of golf clubs over conventional sets. Over the past fourteen years David has been featured in numerous golf magazine articles and golf media interviews detailing the benefits of his 1 Iron Golf System of single-length play.

To discover the advantages of the 1 Iron Golf System please visit us by clicking on the following link: Golf Equipment

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