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March on Your Journey to Success

April 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

March! I just happen to like the word; it makes me think of forward movement with intention! Since I was feeling a bit playful when I sat down to write, I looked up other words for march: stride, strut, swagger, advance, progression, and evolution! Love them all! There are others, but I'm only sharing those that spoke to me.

One thing I know is that we are all able to 'march' forward, yet we often hold ourselves back for many reasons like time, energy, or other people. Or is it fear of the unknown? Or is it something you think would be too hard? Would the change seem like too much of a stretch for you? If you were given an awesome opportunity... would you even take it? If not, what is stopping you? What if you eliminated those negative thoughts -- whatever they are -- and began to think differently and more positively? What if you set aside those reasons -- whatever they are -- and made the decision to march forward and reach for what you want? How would you feel then? Would it be exciting? Did a voice in your head whisper "Do it! It would be exciting!" And guess what? The voice in your head is right! And the best part: it'll be easy because you only need to say it is so and so it is.

Ok, now that we have established that not only is it possible, it's easy, are you as energized as I am just thinking of marching forward? Where do you want to march to? Is it to a new you? Maybe you want to lose weight or reduce stress? Maybe you want to get a new job - one that really fits you and your lifestyle and your values? Maybe it's to set time aside to plan your evolution? Maybe it is to create more family time with your spouse, children, and animals? Whatever it is... go for it!

Now to be realistic, you will put things in your path to make it more difficult. Fear will rise up and you'll wonder: "Can I do this? Should I do this? What if it doesn't work?" All kinds of other thoughts will likely show up, too. So I have a trick to help you outsmart them! When you doubt a decision you've made, ask yourself "Am I questioning this from a place of fear or love?" If you find you are making it from a place of fear, ask why. Why is it a place of fear and how true is that fear? When we come from a place of love, love for ourselves, others, and the Universe, it's joyful, exciting and easy.

As you march yourself to your success, know that your life -- like mine -- is your own special journey: you get to say how it will be! Here is to hoping your March forward to success continues through this year and beyond!

Kim Ravida, owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching, is a Certified Professional Coach and a personal and professional motivation mentor. Kim motivates people to stop beating themselves up and helps them get off their butts so that they maximize their time and energy to quickly get what they want in their lives... and love their reflection! Kim produces a weekly ezine where she shares insights, inspirations, tips and ideas for setting and reaching personal and professional goals. To get more information or sign up, please go to

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