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Hold Yourself Accountable 2012 Series

January 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 138

Hello 2012

that's coming from all my heart because 2012 is my year.

Now you may ask,

how come Gina?

Well, let me tell you.

In this, my first 2012 post, I will reflect on some of my goals I had for 2011, the met ones and the not so well ones as well.

I will share with you some of my 2012 goals and also strategies for you to set your goals if you haven't done so yet.

Reflection of 2011

One of my goals 2011 was to increase my food awareness and stay in shape. About the healthy food, I've always tried to eat with awareness, I love cooking, love having friends coming over for dinner, love eating a meal made with lots of love.

During the year 2011 I seem to have had to many good meals, combined with not working out, resulted in, not staying in shape. (Need to reset my goal, but do it differently this time)

I also intended to spend more time with my daughters, but looking back I realize that I did not spend as much time as I wanted to. (Must do something about that)

Gratitude for 2011

Above all, I'm so grateful for many things happened 2011. I'm not saying I had it all or not, but I make sure to remember and be grateful for the good things, but also learn and be grateful for the not so good things.

One of most important thing I'm grateful about is my amazing family who supports and stands by me for better and worse, without them I would not be the person I am today. My two amazing daughters Nadine & Nicole who make me grow more and more every time I see their ambitious personalities.

The man and love of my life, my husband, my partner in arms, my best friend and my mentor in life.

(Not enough words to express how much meaning he puts in my life)

I am so thankful to have had the chance to enter the Online Network Marketing industry that allowed me to meet such amazing people, so much knowledge, so much inspiration and above all, so much willingness to share and help others to achieve success. After all, that is what the Network Marketing industry is about. If you haven't met the right supportive people to challenge your mental horizon and stretch you mindset yet, you will in due time.

I'm so grateful for all the amazing leaders and trainers I've worked with in the past year, it has opened my eyes in so many ways. All the workshops I had the chance to facilitate, meeting some amazing people who trusted in me, in the vision and the process. "WE MADE IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN"

And last but not least, the MyLeadSystemPro community, the leaders and the funders that introduced me to an unlimited whole new arena of marketing, a much bigger arena then I've ever been on before to act upon. 2012 will crush the limits

So grateful for the overall experience I had 2011, it has made me wiser. Having goals is (THE WHY), writing them down makes them more powerful. However there is a step further in this process even more powerful, braking down your goals into (HOW TO DO IT). I will be writing more about the why and how.

Goals 2012

If you are one of those who did not hit all the 2011 goals you set, don't worry, you're not alone. Nothing to feel bad about, I'm certainly not. Let's have a closer look at the 2012 goals.

•I will reach independent financial freedom building my Online Network Marketing business

•I will have made myself a brand name in the industry, delivering valuable unique content into the market.

•Building a successful team of international entrepreneurs challenging their horizon and mindset to be LEADERS. (By the end of 2012 I'll have 10-12 leaders in my team)

•Helping people to increase and control their mindset making them realize their unlimited potential. •Helping people increase and control their finances, putting them in control of what they earn.

•Increase my health food awareness even more, implement a healthier lifestyle (I've been increasing my health food awareness for the past few years now, but it's time to raise the bar) "Quit smoking"

•Increase and discipline my meditation even more (At least 30 min daily in the morning Integrating my vision booking with my 30 min mediation (If you don't know what vision book is, I'll be having more about that soon

•Keep being around impactful leaders, mentors and professionals in the industry in order to always challenge myself to excel.

•Listen to a Network Marketing training every day to increase my knowledge of the industry and implement this to my own strategies.

So, what about you and your goals for 2012. Leave me a comment, be accountable and write them down.

If you liked my article then please do make sure to leave a comment and share. It will put a smile on my lips:-)

Stay tuned for the 2nd article (A Network Marketers Vision) in the "Hold Yourself Accountable 2012"

"When One Teaches Two Learn"

Gina Ghafari Online PR, Branding & Marketing Strategist/Coach

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