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Faster Goal Achievement With Accelerated Learning Techniques

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

Success rarely comes by accident.

With the instructions that follow, you can start setting bigger goals and reach them faster and more consistently. Since most worthwhile goals involve learning new skills, you can speed up your progress with Accelerated Learning techniques.

Conventional thinking about the ability to learn would have you believe that your brain is like a container. Once it is full, you can't learn anything new without forgetting something else.

Not so, according the researchers of Accelerated Learning. The mind is more like a tree. Everything you learn, everything new skill you develop creates a new branch or neural pathway in your mind. That means, the more you learn, the more you can learn.

To get the benefits of accelerated learning, start by incorporating these two concepts.

Organize Your Goal When you go to your local library, you can search for what you want a number of different ways. You can search by the title if you know it. You can search by certain keywords. You can find what you need by a subject search or by author name. Your mind can contain far more information than the library can. The problem is, you have no way of finding what you want.

Imagine if the only way you could find what you're looking for at the library was to pick up each book one by one and flip through the pages to see if anything catches your eye. It would take years to find what you want.

What happens though, if you could encode the information in your brain for easy access? Just like at the library? You can - and it's easier and more fun than you know.

Think of something you want to learn or a skill you want to improve. Write down the details of your desired end result in full. The simple act of writing it down helps you learn and remember.

Dramatize your goal Read through your written goal and rewrite it, this time with a lot of drama. Include all five senses in the picture. Add emotion, action and metaphors to it. The subconscious mind loves pictures and stories, and every single detail that you encode with enough drama will help you to remember it later. Adding these senses and emotions to your mental picture is very similar to having the ability to search by subject at the library.

The more vivid, intense and even ridiculous your story is, the more you will be able to recall it when you want it. Practice this way often and you'll reach levels of genius you never imagined before.

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