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Dropping More Than "Wait"

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 158

The first unnecessary product of life is debt. Decide, make it your victory, applaud yourself in advance because change is coming. How is possible to drop debt when you aren't working is to change your frame of mind. Think positive about the position you are in and focus on the things that you can do instead of the what not being done. For instance invest time, since you have more of that now in improving or developing a new you. How about making a plan to apply for 10 jobs everyday Monday through Friday. Also, talk to at least two people a day about your situation and ask do they know about any position available for hire. Contact local independent business that may have a part time position available until something more secure becomes available.

Invest your time and spend less money. Invest your time into helping others with the talents that you have to offer. You are positioning yourself into a forward momentum, which can carry your self esteem towards feeling better about who you are until change is being transferred. Take a self improvement classes that will enhance your passions, you can improve someone else's life while improving yours.

Now you are constantly around friends that are the same position as yourself and constantly complain, not interest in change, then maybe its time to reconsider who you have selected as your choice of friends. You have a choice, you choose what type of lifestyle you want. You can maintain the same circle of "Ron's broke, Thomas is broke, Nancy is broke, Harold is broke and I'm broke." You are very comfortable because everyone is broke. But, if you decided to change and create a new circle of friends you have the opportunity for change to come your. You have to start dropping those "toxic friends."

The easiest way to go about that is to find organizations to join that have people who are interested is the same passions. People who have the same mind set and interest in making self improvements. The more you speak more positive around your old circle of friends you will find the ones that interested in joining. Its time to eliminate toxic friends, for those who are a positive influence its time to move on. There is no time to "wait" you have weighted long enough! If you surround yourself with "I can't" type people, you will become an "I can't" person. Stay around "I will" and guess what... the "wait" drops!

Your friends have a fear of avoiding the things they need to do. Their priorities have been shoved so far behind them, they no longer know they exist. The conversations are intentionally distractions from getting to knowing what important positions they have in life because of Fear. Doubt and rejection has been the thing to avoid, so daily the main goal has been to become as far away as possible from being the person who we are better being. Eliminating fear sounds so extremely difficult its easier to except living in fear. Make an outlined plan.

It time to beat up the weight! It's time to win. Life allows you to two choices, pick one. Are you going to let it wait or weight! You gotta DRoP IT! Focus on your main purpose and spiritual reasons for being where you are in life right now. You no longer get distracted by negative energy, friends or thoughts. You deserve a better life financially, physically, spiritually and mentally. You find the journey becomes clearer lighter and its easier to see your purpose. The weight becomes less challenging and the wait time is a shorter distance between you and your destination.

Pamela Miller Your Dropping It Specialist

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