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Dreamers Who Do

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 139

"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. " ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Just as the body and the mind are interconnected, so too is dreaming and doing.

I can recall being a small child in the back seat of the car and looking out the window, daydreaming, as my Mother would say, and dreaming about all the possibilities that life held for me. Never did a day go by when I didn't dream and hope for a better tomorrow.

But adulthood is now the hand I've been dealt and while still dreaming, I have accepted the hard cold reality that without doing something each day to make the world better, dreams are hallow shells through which we boast and brag about a tomorrow that never comes - and like Macbeth, are left with "sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Doing is to daylight as dreaming is to moonlight. Doing is to the dawn as dreaming is to the dusk. Indeed, we are hard wired for both.

When people pray for someone, there must also be a doing along with the prayer - an action that says "I care about the person I am praying for." The dream which is unseen at the time is only realized with one step at a time - the next right choice. Doing is a grounding in the ordinary, daily, seemingly small and at times boring acts that paradoxically, exhalt us even as they humble us.

If dreaming is seeing things that never were and asking why not, doing is seeing things as they are and asking how I can make a difference.

I may forever dream of a better tomorrow, but it is today that calls me to >>>>>>>>>wake up with an attitude of love, >>>>>>>>>get up with a plan for service, >>>>>>>>>dress in a way that blesses the scenery, >>>>>>>>>smile with a style that warms the room,>>>>>>>>> listen with an ear toward validation, >>>>>>>>>work with the knowledge that challenges are healthy, >>>>>>>>>walk with the air of greatness, >>>>>>>>>fall with the determination to learn,>>>>>>>>>run with the expectation to compete, >>>>>>>>>and at the end of the day, surrender with a tear of gratitude.

That we should forever be dreaming can never be an excuse for avoiding the doing of the world.

It is fine to dream of a day when all can read. It is equally important to teach one person to read. It is fine to dream of day when racism will end. It is equally important to assist one person who has been discriminated against. It is fine to dream for an end to war. It is equally important to be peaceful in times of conflict with loved ones. It is fine to dream for an end to violence. It is equally important to be a person who is non-violent. It is fine to dream of prosperity. It is equally important to live within one's means. It is fine to dream for an end to poverty. It is equally important to do without the things we want in order that those less fortunate can have what they need.

Yes, the world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But what the world really needs are dreamers who do.

It may not be the only causative factor towards "over dreaming, but certainly procrastination is one of the major ones. It is all too easy to dream about what we can do. It is much more challenging to move. So here are some tips for overcoming procrastination and becoming action oriented.



  • start with a written plan of action to avoid getting distracted
  • keep your plan simple and straightforward
  • start with the one thing you must get done today to feel productive
  • should be a manageable item you can complete in 10-15 minutes
  • break the day up into a number of "action sessions" for other tasks
  • balance the time spent planning with time spent creating or doing
  • avoid over-planning -- another method of procrastination
  • before ending your day, spend 10 minutes reviewing your progress
  • take time to plan your actions for the next day


  • your tasks should match your values or purpose
  • if not, you will find it hard to summon the energy to tackle them
  • bring each task into congruence with your basic mission
  • if you can't, take it off of your list


  • don't put any "to-do" on your list that takes more than 30 minutes
  • if it takes longer, it's actually a series of smaller "to-do's"
  • break each step out and list it separately
  • you don't have to tackle all the steps of a project in one sitting
  • spread a large task out over several work sessions
  • you will see greater progress as you check more items off your list
  • you will avoid getting bogged down in one large task or project


  • determine how much you can do or tolerate at a time
  • don't push yourself too far or you'll get bored or frustrated
  • plan these project "pieces" into your daily activities
  • set a "completion point" for accomplishing each small task
  • completion points give you an end in sight to look forward to


  • don't try to do everything perfectly
  • perfectionism often causes procrastination
  • perfectionists would rather put it off than do an incomplete job
  • rather than perfection, aim for progress
  • any small step toward completion is an accomplishment


  • do the worst job (or part of the job) first and get it out of the way
  • once you tackle the part you are dreading, the rest is a breeze
  • stop spending time planning and just jump into doing it
  • set a time limit -- "I'll file papers for 5 minutes"
  • alternate unpleasant jobs with tasks you enjoy
  • delegate out items you can't make yourself do


  • interruptions tend to occur in identifiable patterns
  • notice when interruptions occur, by whom, and why
  • take steps to prevent those interruptions before they occur
  • if they can't be prevented, learn how to delegate to someone else
  • if they can't be delegated, learn how to delay until you are finished


  • make the project and environment as pleasant as possible
  • play music, open a window, have a cold drink, etc.
  • give yourself the best tools and work space for the project
  • take a few minutes to organize your work space
  • a clean desk allows you to focus without visual distraction
  • it's only a chore if you think of it as a chore


  • find an "accountability partner" to track your progress
  • schedule a regular time to check in with a friend or colleague
  • rewarding your accomplishments encourages productivity
  • give yourself a break, a treat, a nap -- whatever is a reward for you
  • reward every step along the way, not just the end result
  • the bigger the accomplishment, the bigger the reward

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