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I Wish I Had Taken The Time To Listen To Uncle John Ramble On About The Mules!

January 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

When my Uncle John told me about his grandfather hooking up the mules to the wagon and the family starting out for Kentucky-----I didn't listen! I was too busy rolling my eyes at the thought that there was ever a time when people traveled by wagons---much less pulled by mules! How embarrassing!

I was reminded of my youthful attitude when I watched my grandsons' eyes glaze over when I told him about exploring Japanese bunkers and tunnels under the housing area where I lived in Japan. When I mentioned that the tunnels hid Zeros from US Bombers during WWII, my grandson thought that I was a Big Zero and that my story was a Big Bomb!

How I regret not listening to my Uncle John's family stories! And, how my grandson will regret not listening to my family stories----- unless----the memories are preserved until he is old enough to appreciate them!

One method to preserve memories is by creating a family blog and archiving the blog on disks. GoDaddy Quick Blog is easy and inexpensive. Choosing a domain name is fun----- I used (a combination of abbreviated family surnames).

I asked family members to blog in their family memories, along with pictures. I archived the blog on disks. You will be amazed at how much you will learn about your family. (Don't worry---you are the editor!)

When you find wonderful bits of family history stuck away in drawers, make something of it! My boyfriend had an old autographed picture of General Montgomery pinning metals on his dad. We also found the metals. We had the picture and the metals framed in a shadow box. I caught his son starring at the picture over and over, and I am sure his son, and his son's son will do the same. Priceless!

I found my grandparents' Marriage Certificate in my grandmothers' Hope Chest. What a story it told! The year was 1896 and she was 14. My grandparents ran away to Illinois because my grandmother was too young to get married without parental consent in Kentucky. She and my grandfather were married their entire lives, farmed and raised 9 children. I had the certificate framed along with the story. I added a story my aunt told me about my Grandparents crawling under the house and making "ghost noises" to scare the children on Halloween. Priceless!

The personal stories are the best. Always add the 5 Ws to the stories. (The 5 Ws seem obvious today, but in a hundred years they won't). Your efforts will enrich your grandchildren's and their grandchildren's lives forever!

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Teddie Lavallee

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