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A Few Notes On Repotting Orchids

June 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 222

Your schedule for repotting orchids will probably depend on a number of factors. One key decider will be the type of orchids you have been growing.

Some genera of orchids need a yearly repotting. Those include Miltonia, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis and a few types of Dendrobium.

Other Dendrobium species can survive on a two yearly repotting schedule, as can Cattleya, Oncidium and Ondontoglossum.

If you could ask your Vanda, it would probably tell you it needs no repotting at all, but you may still need to repot every three years. Hybrids generally adhere to the rules of their parent species.

Looking beyond the species guidelines, there are other indicators that may show that an orchid badly needs repotting.

Exposed roots is one of the first signals, but you should bear in mind that the roots of some orchids tend to be adventurous.

A pot that seems too heavy at the top or keeps toppling, also needs attention.

Potting materials such as bark decompose at a fairly fast rate and when it grows soft, its ability to drain water and allowgood ventilation becomes impaired.Orchids mounted on bark will need a change within two years or maybe even quicker. Materials such as charcoal or perlite tend to be more durable and less likely to harbour potential threats.

Orchids are decorative in themselves, but there are a number of creative ways to enhance their environment. Epiphytes such as Dendrobium and Vanda display beautifully in hanging pots or baskets. There has to be holes to accommodate draining away of water, though.

When deciding between plastic or clay pots, bear in mind that clay absorbs water. An orchid in a clay pot may need more moisture. Epiphytes, as stated before, can dry out a little where they perch.

Orchids thrive most often in media other than regular soil. Moss, bark and decaying leaves are used in nature. When repotting your orchids, you can also incorporate coconut husk, perlite, vermiculite, clay pellets and even styrofoam. A basic requirement is that the potting medium must allow for good ventilation.

One of the more important precautions to take is to sterilize a pair of cutters before you begin. Most likely you will find a few roots that have deteriorated and you would not want to render the plant vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

If you are concerned about the fast-expanding root network of your orchids, consider investing in a duel-core pot, which features an inner and outer component. As the roots grow out of the inner section, you can get rid of it.

Do browse around the Internet for the display ideas of other orchid owners and growers, when it is time for repotting your orchids.

Alan Stables is a keen gardener, and one of his specialities is caring for orchids. Given optimum environment conditions depending on the various orchid types, the correct orchid food, and the right amount of sunlight and water, you too will be able to grow beautiful orchids in no time.

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