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Flexible Classes In Star Wars: The Old Republic

February 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

Of all the classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), The Bounty Hunter of the Empire is considered to be one of the most versatile classes in the SWTOR Universe.

The Bounty Hunter of the Empire specializes in being able to take a lot of damage while at the same time can deal out a lot of damage. The Bounty Hunter's weapons consist of flamethrowers, lasers, missiles and bombs. But there are many more. The Bounty Hunter is really an all around character that might actually rival a Jedi Knight and the Sith Warriors. Certain missions are attainable depending on how you build your character - there are many choices on building, it just depends on which missions you want to prepare for.

There are two areas of primary specialization, which are: Powertech and Mercenary. Powertech is strong on defense tactics, shielding, high-powered flamethrowers, and very thick armor. It is these specializations that make them strong in conquering large mobs.

The Mercenary has his own specialization, which is a bit different because it focuses more on tons of firepower, heat seeking missiles and blasters. It has strong armor like the Powertech. Try to use flight when possible because it gives much versatility while attacking the opposite teams. Choose your weapons well and plan of attack accordingly. You will be able to combine flight with missiles in order to stay away from melee classes. This way you won't be sitting there to get caught off guard, instead you will have an overhead view and can see down from above to see what is going on.

It is vital to understand your Class' weakness and strengths in building a strong character. Be careful about putting skill points in the wrong areas, as this will make a difference later on in your endeavors.

One of the most popular Classes will be the Jedi Knights, due to its popularity from the big screen, and it is also one of the most powerful classes in all of The Old Republic. Countless people have wielded a make belief light saber and dreamed of being a Jedi Knight. Jedi Knights are great at taking and fighting off blows from their opponents. They are also great for going solo and taking on the Sith Warrior's. I will go further into detail on the reasons a beginner would like to take on the character of a Jedi Knight, in a future article.

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