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Molybdenum's Number 1 Future Use: Farming

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 157

LETTER A - Jim Rogers once said that farmers will be driving lamborghinis, I think he failed to say that farmers who have molybdenum stockpiled for fertilizing will own yachts and mansions to park their lamborghini into. Using human waste, waste from hospitals and waste from mine tailings which are sometimes ejected into the same sanitary sewer pipe to mineralize/fertilize our farmland works HOWEVER it is contaminated with pharmaceuticals, chemicals, heavy metals and just about anything that could be wrong with it, is wrong with it. Human waste should be treated as toxic waste.

Too much of any mineral can affect growth in plants, that's why controlled amounts applied to is the only clean and safe way. To "control" amounts you apply each mineral individually as needed, this is determined by testing the soil.

There is no law I've heard of or could find stating the minimum mineral content in plants allowed for human consumption. When plants turn yellow/deformed or harvests are small, there is obviously a reason for it.

1 acre (43,560 square feet) at 12 inches deep of soil would have an average weight of 3,267,000 pounds or 75 pounds a cubic foot.

Okay so now we know the average soil only weighs 1,000,000 pounds an acre at 4 inches deep being conservative.

Now let's just say you want to increase the soil's molybdenum content up by 1 part per million. That is right you need 1 pound of molybdenum to fertilize your 1 acre of deficient soil... Extra molybdenum is required to fix nitrogen in leguminous plants (soy beans).

In 2011 this planet extracted roughly 500 million pounds of molybdenum and only a maximum of 5% went to agriculture... That exactly means farmers worldwide RARELY have used it.

What you take out of the soil you must put back in... and we ALL need to eat!

There is 1 billion acres of farmland in the U.S.A. that is repeatedly farmed every year. That means the whole world's supply of yearly Molybdenum is not even enough to fertilize the U.S.A. for one year.

LETTER B - Read A again. Before you invest know that this metal will be the bottle neck of many industries, especially agriculture in the near future... please read this link and understand how the minimum nutrient avaialble is the bottleneck and that having high amounts of others does not help e.g. potash.'s_law_of_the_minimum

I think agricultural usage of molybdenum is overlooked and will skyrocket.

Anyone who says the land they have consistently farmed does not need to be replenished is a joker. Moreover, anyone that says farmland has the same amount of minerals as 100 years ago needs to go to a farm and see how much plant material(which have minerals in them) is taken from the land.

Anyone, company or shareholder who owns this one extremely over looked mineral is doing their homework.

When other industries become involved there will be blood!

Due diligence. Do your own research.

Carlo Biancardi April 3, 2012


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