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The Future Duopoly of Social Networks Could Lead to Global Civil War - Theory Explained

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

In the future humans will most likely divide themselves based on their belief systems and political viewpoints, and this will be fully visible in human online social networks. Just as any other industry there will come to be two main players in the industry, I doubt social networking sites will be different in this regard. The "Us versus Them" mentality will move from brand-loyalty of the individual on the social network, where folks have so much time invested in, to an aggressive stance against the other social network and all of their participants. Obviously, you can see the trends here right? Well, let me take this a few years forward, perhaps a decade or more.

In the future our personal mobile tech devices will be interfaced with our brains. No more texting, tweeting, or posting silly messages on each other's social networking page, think; thought-swapping where you have an inbox (in your implanted brain chip), and simply think "play messages" or allow messages to "flow in" now. I have little doubt that "most people" will want to hear thoughts in their head from folks who are devout on a different religion, or are Democrats if they are a Republican, thus, those folks will not by on each other's private groups, or perhaps not even on the same overall social network.

Unless, social networks such as Google+, Facebook, MySpace, and future ones agree to segregate these groups, then their users will on their own. Perhaps, this has something to do with Google's blending through circles. Either way these trends will form and those who don't conform will be forcefully asked to leave through social ridicule online. That's how the mob of humanity works, we should expect this, and mind you I'm making zero judgments here, just approaching this concept from a logical standpoint based on human history, mass psychology, and sociology theory.

There was a recent study and report put out by the Washington DC based Pew Internet & American Life Project claiming that social networks are getting a little too nasty. In Physorg (dot) com on February 24, 2012 there was an article titled; " Study: We're getting less friendly on Facebook," by Barbara Ortutay. The study "found that people are managing their privacy settings and their online reputation more often than they did two years earlier. For example, 44 percent of respondents said in 2011 that they deleted comments from their profile on a social networking site. Only 36 percent said the same thing in 2009."

The research suggested one reason was privacy and the other was nasty comments. Okay so, let's take the hostile commentary issue for a moment. Why is this? Could it be due to political season and how the various points of views have driven a wedge between society, I bet so, plus, let's not forget the religious tensions in the world, or the political impasse and potential wars in the near future, Iran for instance over the nuclear weapons program.

Okay, back to the topic and title, can you see how we are already beginning to move in that direction, and either social networks will adapt, die, or their users will make them into something else, and end up doing what humans historically do. Now then, since social networks cross borders, often the man-made lines drawn in the sand are irrelevant, thus, we should expect spill-over, just as we saw in the Arab Spring or as we watch sectarian violence occur as well over nothing more than ideas, philosophy, religion, and socio-economic theory.

If you'd care to debate this with me, I'm all ears, but you'll have to shoot me an email because, as it stands in the present period - thought swapping social networks do not yet exist. Oh and a word to the wise, be careful taking sides, as you could become a target of the opposing group, so what you write today online will be harvested in the storm cloud until tomorrow, and you could be struck by lightning. Think on it.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on the Future Internet. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank;

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