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Should I Purchase A Color Copier Or A Black And White Copier?

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 275

Most people think that buying a color copier is a lot more expensive than buying a black and white (b/w) copy machine. And why shouldn't they? Have you seen the price of a color copy at your local office solutions store lately? The truth is there is not much difference in the original purchase value between black and white copiers and color copiers. Read on to learn the real cost difference and find out if you should purchase a color or a b/w copy machine.

Since the time copiers were first invented color copiers have almost always been more popular than b/w copiers. Versus its black and white counterpart, the color copier can print, copy and scan in beautiful full color as well as in black and white. So why would anyone choose b/w copy machines over color? Well, there is a substantial cost differential when it comes to servicing a color copier. For example let's examine an office that makes 10,000 copies/prints per month. From that number, about sixty percent are for black and white images and about forty percent are for color copies.

On a national average, copier dealers will put a color copier under service for $0.01 for black and white images and about $0.07 per color copy. That makes the cost for black and white copies for the month sixty dollars and the cost for color output for the month $280. Over the course of four years the service costs would escalate to $2,880 for black and white images and $13,440 for color output. So while original purchase values are similar, the life cycle service costs are substantially different.

However, this is not to say that a color copier is not worth the service cost. The average color copy/print at a business supply/service store is around $0.89 for a single page. It's no wonder so many people think color copying and printing is so is when you're paying someone else to do it!

So if you're making a lot of color copies, you may experience a significant savings doing it all yourself rather than having it done at the local printers. Scanning documents in full color and then sending them to an archive file or to a clients email is also very attractive, not to mention extremely more professional than your competitor's b/w images.

Today's color copiers can print in vibrant color with wonderful resolution, and many can also print 12" x 18" documents that fold and staple to make printing magazines or booklets fast and easy. Check out a color copier for your company today! sell copiers such as Canon copiers, Ricoh, Toshiba, Konica Minolta and Kyocera copier machines - all available with the best copier warranty in the industry. The company has been leasing and selling certified used copiers across the United States for more than a decade.

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