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Decorating the Office With Teak Furniture

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 184

Teak is a common name for a tall, timber tree. The tree can grow as tall as 30 meters. Its origin is India and it has been successfully cultivated in the Philippines and Java. It grows bluish to white flowers and bears a fruit which is called a drupe. Teak is very durable and strong and is used worldwide in shipbuilding. In tropical countries, teak wood is used primarily for the construction of furniture, because of its resistance to attacks of insects as well as the harmful weather.

Inside the office, teak can be used in decorating. It creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Decorating with teak can be done easily because of its lavish and unique characteristics. With the budget as the primary consideration, an office can be decorated with teak in many ways. Original teak can be expensive, and if you have a tight budget, buying quality artificial teak can be a practical option. To decorate the office, it is advisable to make a sketch of the office indicating the windows and doors. This keeps you away from the possibility of trial and error, having to move the furniture every now and then if the position doesn't fit with the room. Draw the possible place where teak furniture can be placed, but be aware of places where the furniture can be exposed to direct sunlight. If you want other furniture made of a different kind of wood, never put them close to each other because it creates an imbalance with the color and theme.

Teak furniture should be placed in the outer edge of the office, and teak bookshelves look impressive when placed behind a desk with matching office chairs. For reasons of practicality, bookshelves should be placed first before putting the other furniture in the middle of the office room. After the shelves are put in the proper place, the office table and the office chair should be placed in the center of the room facing the door. You will make a good impression on guests entering the room when the desk set is made from teak. Two or more teak chairs can be placed in front of the desk for visitors to sit on. To make the room more coordinated, you could replace old picture frames with artificial teak frames.

Since teak is a dark material, it is necessary to install enough lighting inside the room to counter its color. It is advisable to place a desk lamp on the office table, on top of the bookcase and on the floor behind the desk to have sufficient lighting inside. To make the room more relaxing and inviting, you could hang curtains. This makes the room achieve a lighter atmosphere. Lastly, to improve the look of the room, place office figurines and other ornaments. With these ideas, a sophisticated and perfect office can be created with teak furniture.

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