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How to Get the Most Out of Writing a Cookbook and Raising Money

April 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 204

If you are involved with a community group that needs to raise some funds, writing a cookbook and publishing it yourselves can be a very profitable project. I've done this a couple of times, firstly for a small Moms and Babies group and then for my children's school. I'd love to pass on some tips so that you can do the same.

The nice thing about writing a cookbook in this way is that you can get everyone in your community involved. Most people will have a favorite recipe tucked away somewhere, and will be flattered when you ask them to share it.

This sort of cookbook is a way of gathering together lots of recipes, many of which will have been passed down the generations. It makes for a really special book, and one which members of your community group, their friends and wider family and many other people will be happy to buy.

When you ask people to share their recipes it's a good idea to give them a simple form to fill out. Along with the ingredients and method, you'll want their name and a few details of how they came by this particular recipe and why it holds a special place in their hearts.

With luck, you'll get a really good response to your request straightaway. But it may take a little time to get enough recipes, so be prepared to make a second request for contributions.

It helps if you can suggest a theme for the book.My Moms and Babies group took "Tasty Toddler Meals" as its inspiration, as we were all keen to learn how other Moms manage to get their children to eat well. I'm sure your group will have its own ideas.

Organizing all the contributed recipes is possibly the biggest task involved in writing a cookbook as a fundraising project. They'll need to be typed up which sounds easy, but try deciphering all those different styles of handwriting!

Then there's the important task of proofreading. You need to choose a person with an eagle eye for this role, who can spot spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and who's got the cooking knowledge to realize when something doesn't make sense. People often write down tablespoon when they mean teaspoon, or forget to specify how much of a particular ingredient is needed. All this has to be ironed out before you can go to print.

It's always important to source a good value printer to produce your books, and the internet is a great place to search for providers. Spend time on your research and you'll find a cookbook printing company that can turn your fundraising dream into reality.

Lesley Carr has a wealth of advice and tips for aspiring writers, including how to find inspiration for your work, getting your draft manuscript into shape, and how to manage your route into self-publishing. She works closely with to assist authors with getting their work into print.

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