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Giving Your Toys to Charity: Feel Better With a Spring Clean

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 195

Every year spring comes around and the weight of expectations and the strains and aches and pains of winter are like bruises on both your body and soul. Sometimes the best way to remedy this, to make things fresher and to look forward rather than back is to have a full spring clean in your home.This can involve even simple things such as giving all of your old toys to charity, throwing out clothes and documents, anything that you have come to hoard over the last year and no longer need. We are all guilty of keeping things lying around that we do not really need so why not be proactive and make a fresh start as the sun starts to come out to play.

Firstly get your own things in order. Where will you take your belongings once you have decided what you want to get rid of? There are plenty of charity shops around that are always looking for donations in the form of clothes, books, games, children's amusements, DVDs and much more. The first thing you can complete, however, is your personal documentation. Weed out the documents that are essential and that you must keep. Put these to one side and throw everything else away. You will find a huge weight lifted from your shoulders almost instantly and this is the first step to clearing out the whole home for spring and summer.

If you have children you will find that very often they build up quite a large collection of toys, coloring in books, games and posters of all their favorite characters from television and the movies. As they grow older however, they will quickly move on to the next fad, the next favorite character to cherish and you are left with just a pile of unused things cluttering your home. It is not advisable to throw away everything that your children have amassed, a few keepsakes are understandable but there is scope to take a huge chunk of what is no longer used and give them to your local charity shop.

As well as the boost to your confidence, responsibility and the feel good factor that comes with helping out a charity in such a simple way, you could find that it is also a very good way to bring your family unit together. Although at first it will seem like a daunting process to clear away the clutter, and if you have teenage children it might be even more difficult to motivate them, once you get into the full swing of things you will often find a bond over old memories and cherished family moments. It is also a great way to make community bonds with your local shops and neighbors, giving them a chance to help you at a time when you are looking to offload some possessions.

Ray gives old toys, books and clothes to charity every year as a therapeutic way of spring cleaning both her home and soul. As soon as spring comes Ray puts on an apron, gets out the feather duster and clears away the cobwebs to let the rays of light shine in to her home and give a pleasant feel for both the family and visitors alike.

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