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Friendship - Seven Tips on How to Make Friends

February 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 126

Friendship is a very important human relationship and everyone needs good friends. The benefits of good friendship cannot be overemphasized. Friendship offers companionship, improves an individual self-worth and promotes good health. Friends can be a source of inspiration and can help us live an accountable and responsible life. There are times in our lives such as when we have recently moved into a new town, changed our jobs or schools, change our lifestyles, gotten divorced or maybe we have fallen out with old friends, such changes often leave us without a friend. Making new friends come easy for some people but for many of us the process is difficult and requires courage. Below are some helpful tips on how to make and keep friends.

Tip 1- Associate with others - The first step to making friends is associating with other people and not isolating yourself from them. Health clubs, places of worship and charities are some places where you can meet new people and build friendship but attending these places is not enough, you will need to make yourself known by becoming an active member.

Tip 2- Be cheerful - A smile on the face is a sure way to attract new friends as people are always drawn to a cheerful disposition. No one wants to keep company with someone who constantly frowns. Scowling is not good for friendship.

Tip 3- Start a conversation - Starting a conversation is the second most important step in making new friends. Do not wait to be spoken to; you can always start the conversation. Being able to make small talk is a very useful skill in relating with other people regardless of the environment or circumstance.

Tip 4- Stay in touch - For a friendship to grow you need to stay in touch. There are several ways of staying in touch with your friends and these include SMS, phone calls and online social networking sites.

Tip 5- Do things together - Choosing friends with common interest is important in establishing friendship as these interests would always bring you and your friend together and hanging out will always be a pleasant experience. The less you have in common with your friend the more likely the friendship will not grow.

Tip 6- Let it grow - It is a good thing to stay in touch but try not to choke your new friend with calls, messages or visits as this would likely wear him or her out and eventually they may not want to be your friend anymore. You will need to give your friend time to respond to you. The best friendships are the ones that grow naturally. You do not need to manipulate events to be friends with anyone. If the feeling is mutual, your new friend will reciprocate.

Tip 7- Enjoy your friendship - The best way to enjoy your new friend is to allow them be themselves. Try not to be critical of their person and try not to change them from who they are to what you want them to be. Become the kind of friend you will want your friend to be to you. Be a friend your friend can trust.

Lynda Vincent

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