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Blocking Friendship Breakers

April 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

As in any relationship, you and your friends will eventually face several setbacks in your friendship. But, don't fret yet! Here are some ways of holding onto the friendship bond.

Friendship breaker: Backstabbing Have you ever thought that your friendship was perfectly fine, but then you heard that a friend had been telling others negative things about you?

When you realize that a friend has been talking behind your back, the first thing to do is to ask if you have offended him/her in any way in the past. A word of caution is that you have to broach the subject without assuming the worst. Be tactful in your approach. During the discussion, let your friend know that you felt betrayed as a friend and that your trusted him or her has been damaged. If your friend asks for your forgiveness it should be made clear that trust must be regained, and that you are willing to start over.

Friendship breaker: Liking the same guy (Ouch!) Two close friends choosing friendship over love for one person who they both have a common interest in only happens in movies. In real life, competing for the same person's affections could easily break strong friendships.

In such situation, talking face to face is a must to divert your attention from brewing ill feelings towards each other. The two of you may decide to give up going after the same person once you both see that your friendship means more than just the affections of one person. There are plenty of people out there! But, of course the case would be different if your friend is already in a relationship with the person you like. It is best to steer clear from the situation because attempts to "steal" a friend's partner will definitely destroy your friendship.

Friendship breaker: Making new friends Life unfolds in moments, and when it does, it enables us to find new beginnings and companions as well. When this happens, you or a friend could ask the wonder if you're being forgotten.

While the feeling of being left behind creates negative feelings, one must accept that it is normal for people to find new sets of friends especially when they enter new phases in their lives. To deal with the situation, your friend must know that you miss being with him or her. Staying in contact quells speculation that you've forgotten your treasured friendships.

Friendship breaker: Partaking in unhealthy competition This type of friendship is best suited for a survival themed reality TV show where you outwit, outplay, and outlast each other. The relationship you have is a friendship, not a contest!

Don't let your quest to surpass each other's achievements hampered an otherwise healthy friendship. To deal with this, insecurities should be addressed first, and then accept that your talents and areas of excellence vary. Self-realization is a must.

Friendship breaker: Having different interests Having different preferences could sometimes make a friendship difficult to handle. Even small decisions could bring about undesirable reactions from both parties. This could then be misunderstood as something that could cause the end of a friendship.

With diverse personalities, it is unavoidable for friends to disagree on their choices at times. When this situation occurs, settle the matter by making a compromise where everyone in the group or both parties can concur. However, disagreements can range from simple ones to those that are not negotiable as individual values.

Fighting friendship breakers could be tricky and at times difficult, so it is best to keep the friendship bond strong when times are good. Know how to block these breakers, and survive the tests before announcing, "friendship over!"

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