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Better a Warm Heart Than a Cool Spirit

May 30, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 193

When my daughter was a teenager, she once said, "You don't have any normal friends, do you"? She was right but she was also a kid. You learn who real friends are quickly. Personality quirks become less important over time.

Even as a kid, I was always the defender of the underdog. Someone once told me I should be a defense attorney because I was always negotiating for someone's rights. In junior high there were three incidents. One of my girlfriends had physical deformities and kids can be cruel. One day when she was absent, I asked the teacher if I could address the class. I talked to them about treating others with kindness.

Another time, a boy came to our house late at night after being stabbed. His mother locked the kids out of the house when she was gone. At the time, we didn't know about child protective services. I asked my parents if he could sleep on the couch. We bandaged his arm with cloth as best we could.

I invited a boy from a children's group home to church. I was upset when other kids were chastising him for riding his bike on church property and were making fun of him. I told them I had invited him. I was always befriending the friendless.

I started singing at a men's rescue mission in fifth grade. Little did I know that thirty years later I would have a ministry holding services and singing at a men's mission. It was my most fulfilling time.

The people in my path have always been a little different. After moving on from a low income area for forty years, I ended up working with the same population. I have never been wealthy, although I would welcome it. I suspect though that even if I was, you would still find me at the clearance rack and the dollar menu. So, if you happen to pass my way, you're welcome to join us. We may not be in first class seating but there will be laughter, smiles and singing. We'll save you a hot dog. The combo is only a dollar and a half and the condiments are free.

Everyone is popular when wealth, beauty or social status is abundant but when the fade, a warm heart is better than a cool spirit. You will be welcome at our table. Just pull up a chair.

Author, Laura Schroeder enjoys sharing her life experiences and encouraging others. If her articles have been helpful, you may contact her at Please make any comments family friendly.

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