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Are Frenemies Fair Weather Friends?

June 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 177

Friendship is a beautiful relationship between two or more people. The meaning changed when the word "frenemies" entered the dictionary of life and exposed an idiom "Fair weather friends". Some friends are not friends, but enemies in disguise. Thus, it's difficult to find people who are honest and would stand with you in odds of life.

In fact, words like backbiting and fair weather friend were most commonly used at one time. However, things have changed and the concept of frenemies has gained momentum. Going by explanation, they are a group of people who starts taking space in immediate environment, indulging in every single thing to get near you. They not only try to brainwash against a few close friends, but start participating in your personal affairs too. They make you believe they have the taste, fervor, passion, knowledge and most importantly loyalty which are difficult to find in others. You are pushed into a make-believe situation where you start misunderstanding about those who really care and hold affection.

In few words, it's possible to say they are fair weather friends. When there is money and fame in hand, they are closer. They are good hypnotists. Certain moments can drive you close to them and you start believing they are ultimate human beings. When the weather becomes cloudy and rain gains prominence, you realise they are perfect enemies. The weather change has resulted in changing the mood and lobby. You start realizing that you were pulled into a situation where no one except frenemies had the power to rule upon you. You were a puppet in their hands and taking the decision accordingly. You never thought for a second that your one time close friends were your best friends and would remain that way forever. You had intentionally broken the precious relationship, nurtured with love and care.

Frenemies are more than just fair weather friends. It's true they leave you when you become a victim of lost finances or downward fame. However, in some situations, they take advantage of your pain and suffering. They become a quick source of de-motivation and create an equally depressive and oppressive environment. They want you to lose the battle in every single form so that it becomes difficult to stand up even with crutches. They try to break your mental strength in entirety.

It's difficult to identify who are frenemies in the immediate environment. However, caution and care is most important in any type of relationship or friendship. Friends become frenemies by taking emotional or sentimental advantage. Heart is the strongest and the weakest body part which can be influenced very easily and it becomes difficult to use brain, sometimes. Be careful... frenemies or fair weather friends- both are waste when you need them the most in life.

Neerja Mehta is freelance writer with experience in writing on various niches. Visit to read articles on self-improvement, motivation and relationships.

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