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The Cost of Waterproofing a Basement: Depending on Severity and Size

March 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 154

By the time you've made up your mind about fixing your basement, you would have probably thought about the cost of waterproofing basement. Of course, this is not a phase that you should be worried about mainly because of the fact that whenever a thing needs to be fixed, this would in turn mean the purchase of certain materials and labor, if it turns out to be something that you cannot accomplish yourself. This notion will only be subsided if you have some leftover materials from past use or the damage is not that severe, which will serve as a bright light. By this, the impending question of the cost of waterproofing basement will have one definite, straight to the point answer: it'll depend - on everything.

It Will Depend - on the severity of the problem

Stating the obvious, the cost of waterproofing your basement will depend on the problem at hand. Minor cracks, holes and crevices can be achieved in a Do It Yourself fashion: waterproofing agents, paints and sealants are available in most home improvement shops and home depots and wouldn't cost as much as renovating your whole basement. This will also entail that you won't need to pay extra to a contractor and to his workforce. A DIY waterproofing project will only take a few hours, understanding the instructions found in the waterproofing agent and some elbow grease.

Major damage to your basement will also mean major repair. Automatically, this points to carpenters, contractors or any able-bodied individual to do the job. In this predicament, this spells labor cost and would now depend on the quotation of the person. Materials are also on a separate count sheet as the basement owner will also be the one that would buy them, although there are some contractors that seals in a package complete with the needed materials. Also, when it comes to the overhaul of your entire basement due to leakage, flooding and the like, machinery rental will also come into play, and this time, backhoes, excavators and other heavy-duty machines don't come cheap. As an advice, take time to examine your basement for any signs of repair. Starting small will take you and your basement to places. It Will Depend - on the size of your basement

The size of will also be a factor in calculating the cost of waterproofing basement and it will not take a second for us to know that not all basements are constructed to be uniformly similar to the rest of the basements out there. It is also elementary to know that a 9 x 9 basement will be much cheaper to waterproof than to do it on an 18 x 18 basement. In other words, the smaller the basement, the cheaper it'll be, although the opposite can be said to a basement that can occupy a family without them cramming into each other with a workload of just waterproofing a certain panel.

Severity and size goes hand in hand when it comes to the cost of waterproofing basement and both should also be taken seriously if you are one of those who wants to save while at the same time resting easy to know that your basement is safe from unwanted water intrusion and the potential of it being a headache in the future. Start early by motivating yourself to check your basement. If cracks or its potential are seen, grab that gear and start working; you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out simple instructions and minor applications.

Alfonso Molina is a basement waterproofing expert. For more great information on cost of waterproofing a basement, visit

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