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Concrete Resurfacing Guide

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 213

Concrete Resurfacing Is an Alternative and Cost Effective Method employed for face-lifting faded, cracked, and old surfaces. The method also known as spray on concrete is effective against all types of surface imperfections and economical too. Over the few years lot of development has taken place in this field which in turn reduced concrete resurfacing costs to such an extent that it is seen as best way to transform look of an house. One possible reason one can attribute to concrete surfacing method's rising popularity is its flexibility, be it driveway, wall, backyard, garden, or swimming pool surfaces the method can handle all types of surfaces.

Various techniques are used to perform concrete resurfacing depending upon on the surface type under consideration. Here are widely employed concrete resurfacing techniques:

Driveway surfacing:

Driveways are surfaces that are more prone to wear and tear as they are exposed extreme temperatures, pollution, and automobile weight. However, using concrete surfacing one can get back their enchanting driveway look back. The systematic procedure followed is as follows:

  • first driveway is thoroughly cleaned by using high pressure washer
  • degreasing agents are used to remove oily stains and cracks too are cleaned well
  • cracks are filled using concrete dressing, putty knife and caulking gun are used to fill small and large respectively
  • mixing of concrete dressing is done in small batches, as it has to be applied fresh
  • driveway is untouched for 24 hours, after which a protective sealant is put to complete surfacing
  • method is economical as it can be done by the customers itself

Spray on Paving:

  • apt for transforming old, cracked, and worn out concrete surface
  • a polymer-modified coating is employed to treat existing concrete surfaces
  • pertinent for both old and new surfaces
  • method offers hundreds of design combinations
  • provides great results in little time
  • little bit expensive

Lime coat End:

  • procedure involves application of quartz or limestone coating
  • employed for restoring historical monuments and buildings
  • has wide range of industrial and commercial uses
  • method is costly and requires precision work
  • widely used in places like hospitals, amusement parks and sport stadiums
  • expert supervision is must

Stamped concrete surfacing:

  • textured and patterned mats are used to spray on concrete surface
  • used for decorative concrete surfacing
  • method is costly but affordable

Other popular methods:

  • epoxy floor finishes are useful for treating potentially hard surfaces like that of found in garages
  • concrete dyes and chemical stains are useful for indoor floor finishes
  • Ways for adding pattern and texture to surface:
  • stained concrete helps to improve appearance
  • concrete engraving can be applied to get beautiful surfaces
  • floor coatings can give mesmerizing results

Due to massive advancement in field of concrete resurfacing technology, number of techniques have come to light, which can confuse an amateur customer. Therefore, proper knowledge of the various procedures is necessary to choose the right method. Concrete surfacing has huge potential applications and can save a lot of money if properly used. Many websites provide authentic information that can guide customer in taking decisions, so it is good to carry a brief market research before employing any method.

Article by Terry Harr, who specializes in building the top of the line Swimming Pools St. Louis and Concrete Resurfacing St. Louis Best Built Pool & Spas 3467 Summerlyn Dr St. Louis Mo 63129 314-853-8330

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