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What Makes Fruit Such a Great Half-Time Snack for Youth Athletes?

June 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 115

It happens to every sports parent sooner or later. You're checking the game schedule for the upcoming weekend and realize that it's your turn to bring the half-time snack for your child's soccer game. What should you bring? Candy and sweets might provide a burst of energy for the second half, but it's likely to result in a sugar crash later. Sandwiches are too much to eat quickly, plus it can get very expensive very quickly for you. After all, this is just supposed to be a snack! When you need to back a half-time snack for your child's sports team you can't go wrong with fresh fruit.

Fruit juice drinks might seem like a good juice, but they are usually so full of sweeteners that they can be just as unhealthy as soda. It's better to just stick with water and a handful of real fruit. Meanwhile, packaged "fruit" snacks are usually made of refined sweeteners (such as corn syrup or concentrated apple juice) and vitamin C powder. There is little real nutritional value, especially when you're trying to refuel hungry athletes. Real fruit is by far the better choice!

Many sports parents may turn to granola bars as their go-to half-time snack, but most of the cereal and granola bars that your youth athletes are going to like have very little fiber or protein; what they do have is lots of sugar. If you can convince a team of youth soccer players that a protein bar (think the kind that a hiker would eat) is just as delicious as a candy bar, then more power to you! However, chances are your young athlete isn't going to really like a real protein bar. Plus, depending on how serious the level of competition is, they might not need the amount of protein and carbs a serious protein bar produces. If you want to make sure your players are getting the nutrition they need at half time, you can't beat the fiber found in fruit.

While peanuts, pretzels and trail mix (aka GROP) might also seem like a good option, you want to be careful about how much salt your youth athlete is getting during half-time. Salty foods can dehydrate your players if they aren't careful, so make sure they are getting plenty of water. Above all else, make sure your players are getting enough water at half-time! Even fruit is no substitute for a water jug. Serious peanut allergies are also becoming more and more common among kids, and you don't want to risk an allergic reaction for one of your players. Many coaches are banning nuts in general from half-time to protect the kids.

Fruit is easy to prepare and transport, doesn't need to be refrigerated and is packed with all the nutrients your team needs to make it through the second half of their game.

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