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All About American Sweets and Candy

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 101

In America, the range of confectionery is vast. All aspects of candy are covered, often in many different flavours including Strawberry, Grape, Orange and many more. Whilst sweets in the UK also come in different flavours, there is just that little something different that confectionery lovers enjoy from American candy.

In previous years, the chance to get candy from America was rare, it was unheard of. Well now this has all changed. With shipments arriving in the UK every few weeks, American sweets are now being enjoyed by everyone!

Where can i find my favourite American food items we hear you ask. Well many online stores, as well as retail outlets are now stocking a wide range of products. Supermarkets stock a selection of the most popular items such as Wonka Nerds and Hershey chocolates.

If you know your American candy though, many online American candy stores that are based in the UK will be much more beneficial for you. These e-commerce websites will have a lot more products to offer and they are usually much more competitively priced than many retail outlets. Brands in the USA are very strong and are often creating new, exciting, colourful products for us Brits to enjoy.

Manufacturers such as Wonka, Nestle, Mars, Reese's and Hershey are creating delicious products with the highest quality ingredients. One of the most popular flavours at the moment is Peanut Butter, which can be found in many products including Snickers and Twix. These famous chocolate bars are traditionally eaten in Britain but varieties such as Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate are no longer found in the UK... until now!

It isn't just chocolate and candy that is enjoyed. American soda is huge in America, with another extensive range of flavours. Soda companies have a huge inventory of soft drinks including beverages made with real sugar and other flavoured sodas that are very unique including wild cherry and spicy cinnamon. As well as these popular drinks, many are available in a diet version, which is proving to be a very popular choice in Europe!).

Grocery lines have risen in popularity with items such as Twinkies being demanded by the public in the UK. These wonderful, golden, creamy sponge cakes are small cakes that are very tasty. Made by Hostess, these cakes are often so fresh that when they arrive in the UK, the dates are often very near their "best taste" date.

Marshmallow fluff is another grocery line that has seen a huge increase in sales since its arrival in the UK. Coming in a variety of flavours and sizes, marshmallow fluff is now used in a variety of ways throughout meal times.

Zap American Sweets is a UK online American candy store selling American sweets, soda, cereals, chocolate and gifts.

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