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Persian and Oriental Rugs: Basics Of Repairs

July 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 185

Repairing an Oriental rug or a Persian carpet is undoubtedly a job to be performed by a professional mender. Fringes and selvedge bindings around a rug are most often the main areas that will need repair work before any other parts of a rug. After all, these are unprotected elements and exposed to regular wear and tear, as well as suction of vacuum cleaners by careless rug owners, and therefore subject to possibly premature damages. However, menders sometimes repair a selvedge or a fringe, and at other times, they may repair part of the warp or weft in order to fill a gap and re-tie the required knots with a hook or by bare hands - depending on what type of rug they are dealing with - to replace the missing pile. As repairing a rug is a matter of imitating the original work as closely as possible, the mender needs to master all the skills of a master weaver. For this complex and difficult craft, the only way to train is to be apprenticed to a master and to work under his supervision for many years. The master is likely to have very little patience, so the student may be left on his own to practice and go through a trial and error process, learning to be somewhat innovative. In fact, innovation is the most important quality a rug mender needs to possess.

The repairman needs to be fully knowledgeable not only in the overall structure of rugs, but also different techniques of making rugs as well as various types of knots. Just by studying the backside of a rug, they need to determine what type of knot has originally been tied on the rug (symmetric vs asymmetric), how many shots of weft - and with what thickness - are inserted over each row of knots, what is the material of the foundation, and whether or not the pile has been dyed by natural or chemical dyes. They need to have stocks of different kinds of wool which they often must dye themselves to recover the exact colors of fiber to be used on their repair projects. Remember, a professional repair needs to come as close to the original work as possible.

Working conditions are often very harsh for carpet repairers most of whom prefer to do their work on the floor rather than on comfortable tables. Sitting cross-legged for several hours in a row, the repairman handles carpets, which although dusted and washed, still contain certain amounts of residue. With time, loose particles, sand, and even gravel are lodged inside the pile, within the very body of the carpet through which the needle and thread must inevitably be passed. He has to use pliers to pull the infected needle through the thickness of the carpet causing many needles to break, often puncturing his own fingers by which all sorts of contamination can easily develop. In many cases, repairs need to be carried out before a rug is sent out for dusting and washing simply because the damage could worsen during the process of washing the rug. This makes the potential for infections so much easier to take place. Although major repairs on an Oriental rug or a Persian carpet can be quite costly, every penny paid for such a difficult work will be "money well spent". A repairman can do magic in saving your beloved piece of artwork.

Hans is the owner of Rug Firm, a direct importer of finest hand knotted Persian and Oriental rugs located in Southern California. Rug Firm is dedicated to providing its customers with high quality rugs at reasonable prices that will add value and beauty to their home for many years to come. Free shipping and money back guarantee at Rug Firm, where quality and investment meet. Professional wash and repair services available.

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