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Catch More Fish With Lures

March 30, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 178


Fishing, in its simplest explanation, is simply placing a hook and bait in front of a hungry fish and outwitting the fish into biting. How do you outwit a hungry fish? You simply use a lure. A lure is the use of an imitation prey fish to provoke or lure a larger fish into biting it. Since the idea is to make a fish think the lure is real, the fisherman will do well to bring that lure into life by controlling the rod. Some lures simulate healthy fish while others simulate wounded or injured prey in order to increase the chance of an attack. If you're going to catch a fish, you have to think like a fish. The type of fish you are interested in catching will determine what kind of lure to use. This is why it is important to know the type of fish that are in an area and to know what provokes those fish into attacking. The personnel the local bait shop at a lake should know what fish are to be had and which lures work best. The first consideration is freshwater or saltwater lures.


Freshwater lures operate at different depth levels: surface, subsurface or deep water. An angled blade at the head controls the diving depth of the lure. With surface lures, the predator fish stalks and attacks from below. A Jerkbait Lure is a type of surface lure that twitches through the water surface as it glides along, simulating an injured prey.

Subsurface lures operate just under the surface. When placed in a subsurface position, spinners operate by smoothly spinning through the water. As they rotate, sunlight flashes off of the lure attracting larger fish into attacking. To offset the continual twist of the line, use a swivel in the trace. Spooners are the same as spinners except they move through the water in a jerky and irregular fashion.

Deep water lures sink by using a weight or angle blade. Keep in mind with deep lures that you should know the depth of the water area so the lure does not snag onto the bottom and get lost.


Predatory fish can pickup distress signals from water disturbances which injured fish might create, resulting in an attack. As with freshwater lures, saltwater surface lures create these distress signals through their design. For example, poppers simulate a wounded fish through the curved facial area that spits out of the water. Surface or subsurface lures work well in saltwater due to the number of species willing to go after such lures. They are useful for catching marlin, tuna or european sea bass. Deep water lures, typically used from a boat, will land a wide variety of species. For example, vertical jigs are used for fast swimming tropical fish. Cast the line, let the jig sink to the bottom and reel it up and down in a "life like" motion. However, because the depth and contour of the ocean floor is an unknown element, there is risk of inadvertently snagging your line on a rock or piece of coral.

If you are interested in catching larger fish such as tuna or marlin, trolling lures are useful.

A trolling motor helps in bringing the lure to life in that they drive the boat slowly without churning up much water disturbance. They also allow you to accurately position the boat in favorable areas.

Remember, the idea behind lures is to get the fish to come to you by simulating another life form such as a fly or small bait fish, and to provoke that larger fish into attacking. If you keep a diverse array of lures in your tackle, you will catch more fish.

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