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How To Set Up A Freshwater Tropical Aquarium

May 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 177

A well set up and cared for aquarium is a tranquil and beautiful addition to your home and will provide you with hours of relaxed viewing as you enjoy the delight of watching your fish swim effortlessly through the tank.

Owning Tropical fish as pets can rewarding it does require commitment and regular care just as owning any pet does. Before you begin here are some things to consider

Where in your house will you place the aquarium?It is best not to have your aquarium in direct sunlight as this will enable excessive algae growth. Make sure there is a power outlet nearby as you need power for filters, heaters and lights. You will also need to consider what to place the aquarium on - the surface must be flat and level and sturdy as they become very heavy once filled with water.

Many aquariums, especially the larger ones come with their own stand, which are great as they generally have space under them to store filters and other necessary equipment.

Make sure the position you choose is safe from pets and children.

What types of fish to buy?This is something you should research even before you purchase your aquarium as the types of fish can impact on the size of aquarium, the best filter, heater and other equipment and the ideal rocks and plants for your tank.

Seek advice from your local aquarium supplier or pet shop, research on the internet and library or ask other fish owners for their experiences.

Once you have made the decision on the types of fish you own, you will then need the following equipment and supplies

  • A tank that is large enough to accommodate plants with sufficient space for your fish to manoeuvre around comfortably.
  • A filtration device is important for the health of your fish. There are quite a few to choose from. Consult with the supplier of your tank which filtration device is suitable for the size of tank you wish to purchase.
  • A water heater is important for keeping control of the temperature of the water.
  • Lighting is very important for the wellbeing of your fish and also the plants in your tank.
  • Substrate and rocks to decorate the tank.
  • A water siphon or vacuum to remove debris.
  • Plants that are suited to the climate, location, and types of fish in the tank. Beware of some plants as they may be toxic for your fish.

The initial set up of your tank is very important and must be done well in advance of bringing home your fish. It takes time to stabilize the tank and remove all harmful chemicals from the water before it is safe enough to house your fish.

So once you have positioned the tank where you want it you should arrange the rocks inside then half fill the tank with water. This is the time to add the plants and other accessories and to arrange the tank aesthetically.

Once you are happy with the planting and the look of the tank, fill to the top. Set up the filtration system and connect to power so to circulate the water. Add the necessary chemicals to remove chlorine from the water.

Turn on the lights and heater and leave the tank for several days before adding your fish to it. This will enable time for the water to stabilize and allow bacteria and other organisms to grow.

You are now ready to bring home your fish and enjoy watching them explore their new environment

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