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Funny Names for a Pet Fish

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 202

Children love to give all sorts of names to their pets, and that even includes fish.Despite them not being as responsive as a dog or cat is, nor as interactive and sociable, they still deserve to be treated with affection and respect.Of course, when it comes to naming a pet fish, there are certainly a lot of people out there who try to come up with the funniest names ever.Doing so gives you and your family members a chance to bond with each other, brainstorming and what the ideal name would be for your fish.You might actually be wondering how in the world you can ever find the most suitable name for your fish.Of course, you will have to start thinking outside the box.You might actually want to go for something unique, and you can do so by compiling a list of possible names which consist of the funniest words you may know.The kids can chime in on the whole activity and you can just come up with the silliest words that can make them laugh out loud.They can even pick out the names for you.

Of course, you should definitely have a theme to go with in naming your fish.There are a lot of words you can combine, maybe even some words that rhyme with each other.Perhaps you'd like to make a reference to your favorite movie or your child's favorite cartoon?The possibilities are endless and you are only limited by your own imagination.Below are some possible names you can choose which would strike your whole family as rather humorous in nature.

Orca - This would be an ironic name for a small fish like the one you have, especially when he or she looks nothing like the killer whale from that 70's movie.

Moby Dick - Another irony, since the last thing you and your family members would consider your fish as is the arch nemesis of Captain Ahab hjmself.

Kool & the Gang - This would really be funny if you had a small group of fish in your aquarium.Nothing sounds better than referencing an R&B soul group from the 80's.The next thing you know, you'll blasting your speakers away with "Celebration" nonstop.

These are just some funny names for a pet fish which you can use, although you can always come up with something more ingenious.

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