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Spring Start-Up For Ponds

January 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 158

Stage 1. Pond UV Lighting

Ultraviolet lights or clarifiers- as they are sometimes known- prevent the build-up of unpleasant green algae bloom that can begin to appear in early springtime. It is possible to use chemicals to eliminate algae if it gets out of control; however we believe that the on-going preventative use of UVC equipment is a more viable long term solution.

It is important at this time of year to check that your UV lights are working properly and that you replace any tubes and parts that need to be. If you do this now it will stop the build-up of algae before it happens; which in turn will put less strain on your pond filter.

If you do not have UVC equipment installed in your pond already then we highly recommend that you do. Our top product is the Pisces Hydro-Clarity range as it provides a cost effective solution which can be tailored to the size of your pond. Other great options are the Cloverleaf Smart Start Stainless Steel UVC, Hozelock Vorton, Oase Vitronic and the TMC Pro Clear Advantage.

If you have turned off your pond care system over winter then now is the time to fire it back up again!

Stage 2. Pond Filter Care

The focus of this section is on one of the other key features of your pond care system- the pond filter.

Pond filters work by collecting dirt and impurities from the pond water, thereby improving its quality and creating a more life sustaining and aesthetically pleasing garden pond environment. We believe that a good quality filter is an important part of any well maintained pond; however, if you keep or are planning to keep fish then it is an absolute necessity, as poor water quality will invariably lead to sicknesses such as white spot.

At this time of year there are really three things that you need to do to ensure that your pond filter is performing most effectively:

Dismantle it and give it a good clean; over time dirt and residue will build up which will reduce its ability to efficiently remove impurities. Replace your filter foam; once these become saturated they will no longer hold and manage contaminants in your pond. It is important to make sure you purchase the correct foam for you brand and model of pond filter; if it does not fit correctly it will not work as well as it should! Finally you should consider introducing a filter activator into your pond. This is a treatment of special pond filter bacteria and nutrients which kick start the development of biomass in the filter; allowing it to break down impurities and detoxify the water.

The process of creating biological balance in your pond will take a couple of weeks and so now is the perfect time to get started. You need to allow the pond time to build up a harmonious environment, especially if you are looking to introduce fish, and we advise that you do this while the weather is colder and before the springtime growth has started. Not only is it easier to take preventative action but it will also mean that your garden pond will be ready to enjoy once the weather is warmer.

Stage 3. Cleaing and Water Change

The advice in the previous sections should be sufficient to get most ponds up and running for springtime; however, where silt and solid waste build up has become completely unmanageable the best option may be a complete clean and water change. If this is the case then you are going to need the right equipment.

A good quality pond vacuum should be your first consideration, especially if your pond does not have a filtration system. If you only have a small pond then a manual pump action cleaner, such as the Bermuda Silt Vac, will probably sufficient; however, for larger ponds (or simply for convenience) you will really need to look into a more powerful electrical vacuum. Our recommended product for this is the Pisces Hydro-Vac Plus+, which provides a great product at a very reasonable price; other brands to consider are Oase and Hozelock.

If you are planning on a water change you will also need to get hold of some dechlorinator. The purpose of this treatment is to convert the chlorine and chemicals in tap water so that they are no longer harmful to pond life; raw tap water will damage the gills and skin of your fish, causing sickness and death. Again, this will not have an instant effect and so getting it done now will allow you to repopulate your pond and start enjoying it once the weather improves.

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