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I Have Pond Algae - Now What?

June 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 145

Ah yes - unfortunately it is that time of year once again. Algae is beginning to sprout like garden weeds, transforming your pond from a pleasant feature to a smelly eyesore seemingly overnight. It's going to be another year filled with frustrating green slime, and a disgusting atmosphere that makes the neighborhood recoil.

Or is it? You aren't powerless in this battle, you know. Below are a few options (and things you should avoid) to control pond algae, and turn your pond into an asset for your property again.

1. Don't Use Pond Chemicals or Pond Fountains

These solutions are "Band-Aids" - meaning they do much to cover up the pond algae problem, but do essentially nothing to actually treat it.

Fountains are merely decoration. They look very nice, but are unfortunately incapable of controlling algae.

Chemicals will do little more than add a quick shot of poison to your pond that chokes the ecosystem to the point that nothing can grow. This will obviously make the algae disappear along with the rest of the aquatic life.

No more algae. Congratulations... but wait - the battle isn't over. This algae is not being properly broken down, because all of the decomposing bacteria has been offed by the chemical applications. Instead, it's collecting in a huge mass of pond muck and becoming a steady source of fertilizer and nutrient for the next algae bloom.

Don't kid yourself. This cycle will continue indefinitely.

2. Install a Pond Aeration System

At this point, the benefits of a pond aeration system have been well documented. Here is a quick breakdown of what it can do for your pond. It will:

  • Add oxygen - Oxygen is the most important element in any ecosystem. Your pond is no exception. If you want it to be clean and healthy, you need to make sure that it has a high oxygen content.
  • Increase mixing and circulation - Proper mixing and circulation assure that the benefits of the increased oxygen level get spread throughout the pond. Thorough mixing also increases the breakdown of algae-forming nutrients and prevents thebuildup of pond muck.
  • Boost the ecosystem - Unlike chemicals and fountains, which do nothing to benefit the ecosystem, aeration is solely designed to improve it. Algae and weeds are much less likely to grow in a healthy environment.

Don't underestimate the positive effect of a pond aeration system. It can make all the difference.

3. Apply Beneficial Pond Bacteria

Now you may be asking yourself: How will a pond aeration system help me get rid of pond algae this summer if the natural process takes time to reclaim the pond? The answer is inpond bacteria(also known as pro-biotic).

Beneficial pond bacteria can do wonders in terms of rejuvenating a struggling pond ecosystem. This bacteria is specifically designed to attack and break down the nutrients and other elements in the water column that cause pond algae growth. The bacteria essentially acts as a supplement for the natural bacteria that already exists in your pond. By boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of these breakdowns, you will see a reducting in overall pond algae in the short term.

Pond bacteria can also help to mitigate pond odors and clarify a murky, cloudy, or brown water column.

As long as you have a high enough oxygen supply and enough circulation in your pond, pond bacteria will be beneficial in breaking down these algae forming nutrients. Since the bacteria competes for oxygen, it can be risky to use the product without aeration (especially if you have fish). However, ponds with streams that feed them, or more aggressive flows will generally have enough circulation to make the bacteria worthwhile.

Check out our Free Pond Management Guidebook for more information on maintaining a healthy pond ecosytem, and controlling pond algae growth!

Tim LaBarge is the Manager of the Aquatic Habitats Division at Clearwater Habitats. Clearwater Habitats is a green company that focuses on efficient, effective, and eco-friendly pond management solutions. To get in touch with a pond expert and learn what can be done to rejuvenate your pond ecosystem, simply call: 800-654-2681.

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