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The Alternative to "VHS to DVD" Conversion

May 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 125

Recently, there's shown up services offering a new type of VHS/8mm film conversion. Instead of converting the usual "VHS to DVD", the tapes and films are safely stored with a cloud based service which lets customers access the videos anytime, anywhere... right off the Internet.

How it works is that you sign up online and follow some instructions on where and how to ship your original tapes and film reels to get them converted.

After that, the tapes and films are converted to digital video files such as Mp4 by experienced video conversion professionals.

After the conversion, the videos are stored in the cloud. They are actually backed up in several different data centers, located in different physical locations, and often guarded around the clock to keep all the information that is stored there safe and sound.

The problem with DVD's is that they're not very resilient. A small scratch on the disc can destroy it along with the content that is stored on it. And hard drives haven't really proven themselves to be the safer solution either.

So it's clear that with the use of a highly redundant storage infrastructure, the videos are remarkably safer than if converted in the usual "VHS to DVD" manner.

And now that the films are converted and stored in the cloud, customers can access them directly from their own accounts with just a normal Internet connection. All you need to do is click the video you'd like to see... and it's streamed securely through an encrypted connection right down to your computer, smartphone or tablet.

This is something that couldn't be done when converting VHS to DVD and it makes the videos much easier to access while the backup copies provide safer storage in the background.

Now, the thing that people might ask here is:

"How secure is it really then? Can anybody see the online?"

For a good service... the answer here is no.

Since for most people these are very personal and private videos, they should be protected and stored in a secure manner. That's why you should choose a service that makes sure all their connections are encrypted with the latest commercial encryption technology. I'm talking about the same technology used by major banks and credit card companies to keep their customers' account access secure.

The videos should also be protected in the back-end with some kind of technology that ensures no one else can download or view these private family videos outside of the customer's personal account.

So if you're looking for a way to safely and securely store while still easily access your family's video memories, this new alternative to converting VHS to DVD is probably an option to seriously consider.

If you're looking to have your family memories converted and securely stored for future generations, I recommend you visit - "VHS to DVD" alternative

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