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The Constant Struggle by Dr. Alonzo Gaston

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 170

After intense training with the U.S Armed forces, some combat veterans develop a strong sense of duty and honor. Years of active duty service and experience in the field of battle causes combat fatigue for some soldiers while others get caught in a constant struggle between right and wrong. This struggle endured by African American troops, that have chosen a path of righteousness, is captured in a compelling novel by Dr. Alonzo Gaston appropriately titled The Constant Struggle.

Under cover from confusion created by the Vietnam War, several soldiers made their way to the African continent. Acting as mercenaries, these men fought alongside local tribesman in an attempt to better the lives of those who paid for their services. Green beret training allowed them to have a strong where-with-all to survive and thrive in jungle environments. This elite group of African American men gained further expertise by experiencing harsh battlefield conditions. Along with a strong sense of fellowship, these men accomplished covert operations in a land struggling with it's own demons.

For those who like adventure and intrigue, this novel could be an excellent addition to any library. Easy to read this book is capable of holding ones attention for days on end. Guided by the desire to increase the longevity of particular ethnic groups plagued with negative stereotypes, the soldiers in the Constant Struggle bring on a feeling of strength and hope for the people they encounter.

The novel also finds a way to play on the psychosocial aspects of society. It draws on peoples inner feelings about how communities view particular ethnic groups that may be considered a constant drain on the welfare of the populace. Conflicting feelings on how to handle the cultural differences maintained in areas where the co-mingling of people from various socioeconomic backgrounds is an underlying issue permeates the core of the novel. Choosing the right way to help people suffering from injustices is a dilemma for many countries past and present.

The Constant Struggle is a thrilling read. Immersing oneself into the story one can feel the jungle air, hear the buzzing mosquitoes, and the croaking frogs. Dr. Gaston's soldiers contend with their own choices while attempting to help down trodden individuals living in impoverished nations. With a mercenary freedom fighter-like stance, these African American men use their special forces training to carve a unique path of guerrilla warfare in the twentieth century. Reading the book will make anyone look forward to the sequel of the amazing story that is The Constant Struggle.

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