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Which Are The Favorable And Unfavorable Sectors For Your Home In 2012?

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 160

There are forecasts about the economy being slow this year. Is there any way for you to minimize its effects on you? If you know the position of the Wealth Stars this year, you might be able to prevent yourself from unnecessary financial losses.

The purpose of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology is to know in advance when are the good times, so that we can maximize our favorable luck. Of course, the opposite also applies.

Let's move on to the position of the Wealth Stars. There are 3 Wealth Stars in Flying Star Feng Shui, 1-White, 6-White and 8-White. Among the three of them, 1-White and 6-White are considered indirect wealth stars while 8-White is considered the direct wealth star.

Let me explain, indirect wealth refers to money received from windfalls, speculation, inheritance as well as any form of money received while not requiring much effort on your part. Direct wealth refers to money you earn from your job or business. It is money that you have to work for.

This year, only 1-White and 8-White are active, 6-White is in the middle sector. When a star is in the middle sector, it means that this star's effect is minimized. This could mean that there will be less chances of windfalls and speculation this year.

Moving on to the directions, the position of 8-White is in the West sector. If you occupy the West sector of your house or office, you can look forward to more money coming in from your job. It could mean a promotion, business expansion or having more new customers.

1-White is located in the South sector this year. If you are looking for luck in gambling or buying stocks, you might want to activate that sector by putting an electric fan or some kind of water feature to make the energy circulate in that sector.

After money, I believe the next area of concern is romance. Let's move on to the position of the 9-Purple Star this year. The 9-Purple Star is at the North East sector this year, if you are looking for romance, place 9 stalks of roses in that sector for this year. Besides romance, the presence of the 9-Purple Star can also attract powerful allies to you.

If you are interested in advancing in your career or expanding your business, you might want also to take note of the position of the 9-Purple Star, as it can help you attract the right people to assist you. For business and career, you should place any form of moving lights or electrical appliances in the North East sector this year.

Speaking about career and business, there is another star which can help you in those areas, that will be the 4-Green Creativity Star. Of course, this applies more to designers, artists as well as authors, but being creative also helps in career and business.

Parents might want to take note of this sector, as 4-Green helps in terms of studies as well. If you want your kids to do well in their exams, you might want them to occupy the East sector this year. To enhance the effect of the 4-Green star, place 4 bamboo plants in that sector. Of course, that applies to the designers, artists and authors as well.

Feng Shui is about maximizing good luck and minimizing bad luck. After learning how to maximize good luck, now we come to how to minimize bad luck. From here on, you will be learning about the positions of the unfavorable stars so that you can prevent yourself from going through unfavorable luck.

What is the most important thing besides wealth? I believe it is health. Health is wealth but wealth cannot buy health. How true. OK, you will learn about the 2 unfavorable stars which affect your health. They are the 2-Black and 5-Yellow star.

Let's talk about 2-Black first, this star is specifically the illness star. The presence of it causes those who occupy the sector which it is present in to fall sick. Besides that, it can also cause a place to be haunted, specifically by a female spirit.

Usually, if someone complains that a certain part of their house is haunted, it is usually the sector which the 2-Black is present, and at the same time, sunlight is unable to enter this part of the house.

Besides causing an area to be haunted, the other effect of this star is illnesses. If people suddenly fall ill, it is usually because they are occupying the sector with the 2-Black star present. In addition, usually, there will be items or objects in this sector which are related to the number 2, the Earth element or the color Black.

This year, the 2-Black is in the North sector. If you are forced to occupy this sector in your house, you need to use Metal objects to neutralize the effect of this star. The best solution is to avoid this sector totally if possible.

The other unfavorable star is the 5-Yellow star. The 5-Yellow star is also known as the Misfortune Star. Trouble arises when this star is present. It could be minor or major accidents. This star should be avoided as much as possible.

This year, the misfortune star, 5-Yellow is located in the South East sector. Just like the 2-Black, if you cannot avoid it, you need to use Metal objects to neutralize its effect.

The next unfavorable star is the 3-Jade star. The presence of this star causes discords, quarrels, gossips and back stabbing. For more serious cases, it can even cause law suits. Therefore, this star should also be avoided if possible.

The 3-Jade star is located in the South West Sector this year. If you are unable to avoid it, you need to use a piece of red cloth or any object representing the Fire element to neutralize it.

Last but not least, we have the 7-Red Star. Before 2004, the 7-Red Star was regarded as an auspicious star because it was the wealth star during the 7-Period, which spanned from 1984-2003. Right now, the 7-Red Star is considered obsolete. Instead of bring wealth, the presence of it brings about harmful effects.

The 7-Red star is related to Metal and sharp objects, the presence of it can mean being injured by metallic objects or having an operation. To neutralize it, you need to use objects related to Water. Putting a bowl of water or keeping a fish tank in that sector will neutralize its effects. The location of the 7-Red star is located in the North West sector, you might want to avoid this sector if you can.

In summary, the favorable sectors this year are: South, West, North East and East. The unfavorable sectors are: South East, South West, North West and North.

I have come to the end of my series of new year articles for 2012. I hope that you are able to create a better year for yourself and your loved ones. All the best.

Marco Chong is the author of "The 58 Secret Keys To Home Feng Shui That You Must Know". He practices Flying Star Feng Shui and specializes in home feng shui. Marco has been practicing feng shui and Chinese astrology since 1992.

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