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The Healing Power of Earth Energy and Feng Shui

February 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

In our modern age of technology, the Green movement is urging us to re-examine our relationship with the Earth and how we can get back to basics and benefit more from the natural environment.

Our Earth is a solid, grounding force giving us a feeling of security. It is "terra firma" under our feet. Its revolutions create gravity and secure us to the planet. In traditional Feng Shui practice, we use the earth element to "ground" particular energies inside or outside a home. For example, extra earth is often placed between a house and an electrical transformer on a telephone pole to neutralize excess static electricity that might create what is known as negative energy or "sha". Likewise, it is a common practice for fuel tankers to load flammable fuel on what is known as a grounding pad that will neutralize any positive electrical ions or sparks that might start a fire. It is also a standard practice in Feng Shui to create raised earth or a "mountain" remedy in front of a home to help balance and support the "people" aspect of many houses. The earth remedy is protective and includes anything made of mineral composition including clay, brick, ceramic, concrete, cement, stone, sand or stucco.

Most homes are built on concrete slabs or footings giving a structure strong stability. Homes that are raised above the ground, allowing water or air to pass freely underneath, are considered to be "destabilized" and can affect an occupant's health negatively. The type of soil a home is built on is also important. Soil compaction and composition are looked at carefully before a home is constructed. The soil around a home ideally should be able to stick together allowing compaction which can hold a greater weight load. Soil that can be compacted also shows an ability to hold moisture as this is the optimal kind of land to live on. Soil that is too sandy or clay has more difficulty in nourishing plant life. Plant life helps retain moisture, creates oxygen and also holds the land together protectively with their roots, preventing erosion.

Earth tone colors and shades of brown also have a psychological stabilizing effect on us as well. We love chocolate, our morning coffee or teas, and the comfort of fresh baked bread or pastries. Skin tones too come in all shades of brown from the lightest pinkish tans to deep mahoganies and ebonies. Skin colors are reflections of the earth. All colors, when mixed with their opposite hue, will create the thousands of shades of brown we find so comforting and familiar.

The Earth is our physical mother in a profound sense and we literally benefit by re-connecting with her on many levels. Many spiritual practices start with "grounding" exercises in which we re-establish our connection to the earth to strengthen our bodies, as our vessel, in turn empowering our spiritual exercises. Yin and yang balance, very important in Feng Shui practice, is constantly being harmonized by the Earth's energy and rhythms. The Sun provides a plethora of positive ions (yang) that circulate freely in our atmosphere above a primarily negatively charged Earth (yin). Positive ions are known to irritate us and create anxiety --and negative ions can restore our good moods and boost our health. The Earth is our primary generator of these healthful negative ions often called vitamins of the air.

It is very interesting to note that Sunspot activity (magnetic anomalies) on the Sun's surface is very regular and occurs about every 11 years. When Sunspots happen, they cause solar flares to explode into space towards the Earth and our ionosphere captures these extra positive ions which then circulate freely in the atmosphere. These charged particles give us the Aurora Borealis. When sunspots increase, activism and wars also increase especially during the 5 year peak periods of sunspot activity, and this has been charted for hundreds of years. Our biggest and most destructive wars occur during these peak sunspot periods. Although the cause of wars have not been proven scientifically, the theory is that an abundance of these extra positive ions increase testosterone levels, making humans more aggressive and anxious. The Earth--and the natural environment-- are our richest source and biggest generator of the opposite polarity ion. You can get a calming dose of negative ions by simply taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand. The health benefits are amazing --besides the earth-- pine trees, salt lamps and water resources like waterfalls or the pounding ocean surf on sand are all great producers of negative ions. Take off your flip-flops next time you are at the beach and see if you don't feel better.

In the smaller micro-climate, when we work all day in a room full of computers and electronic equipment, that extra dose of positive ions makes us more irritable and anxious. In our technological age, there are so many devices which create an excess of draining positive ions. Positive ion generators include TVs, computers, iPhones, electronics, wireless appliances, heaters, ovens, air conditioners, dust, pollution and car exhaust to name a few.

The stabilizing energy of the earth will heal many of our modern day ills if we can just get back to nature's basics. So kick off your shoes and start enjoying the natural environment once again and get grounded! The earth can naturally provide a wealth of benefits if we just embrace it. A classically trained Feng Shui consultant can advise you of the best areas in your home to use the earth element and guide you in making the best choices to balance and promote your home's natural healing energy. The skillful use of earth is very important in traditional Feng Shui and can boost your life in many positive ways.

© 2012 Lynda Lee Abdo Feng Shui consultant and author of "Heal Your Home"

Lynda Lee Abdo is a certified professional Feng Shui consultant, author, artist and has been a commercial designer for more than 25 years. She specializes in Feng Shui analysis, color and Zi Wei Dou Shu. You can find her services online for your convenience. Please visit my website at:

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