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The Annual 5-Yellow, World Disasters and the Importance of the Metal Remedy

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 129

Metals are very important to humans and their ability to create civilization. It was metals and the ability to make bronze tools and weapons that brought mankind out of the Stone Age. Gold and silver with their beauty and flexibility have always been a valuable medium of exchange and are invaluable for thousands of purposes in industry, technology and manufacturing.

Metal is used a great deal as a Feng Shui remedy in the current time period. It is used primarily to diffuse the strong negative earth energy of the Xuan Kong flying stars 2 and 5 energies, strong for illness and accidents. Neutralizing the 5-Yellow star is one of the main reasons we do annual updates for Feng Shui clients. Each year it is in a different direction.

The essence of the 5-Yellow star is somewhat mysterious. It is the center number representing the earth in the Lo shu or magic square, (the primary mathematic layout we use in Feng Shui consultation). It is considered a magic square because it is an arrangement of 9 numbers in a pattern that shows perfect balance, as all directions add up to the same number of 15. (Einstein proved that everything in the universe is some form of energy--and math is the language of universal energy.) The 5 in the center could relate to the ancient cipher of Saturn, the symbols are almost the same, and Saturn in astrology does rule the things we are concerned about in Feng Shui; the limitations of the earth, foundations, architecture, houses, doors and walls, time, karma, career, reality, harvest, responsibility, work and ambition. Feng Shui encompasses many schools of thought, and there is some astrology in a classic Feng Shui analysis of the potential energy of your home.

The affects of the 5-Yellow star are not just seen in individual homes, but also in the larger global community. Having the 5-Yellow in a critical area in your home doesn't necessarily mean you are going to have an accident, but it does increase the odds. If I could describe its effects, I would say it scrambles the brain somehow making you less alert. In 2011, the 5-Yellow was in the East and we saw more weather catastrophes in the East section of many continents including the following events:

1): Giant Tsunami and Nuclear crisis in Fukushima in East Japan (8.9 earthquake) (20,000 deaths)

2): Severe African drought in East Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya (30,000+ deaths)

3): FEMA emergency funds run low in 2011 with the following weather disasters:

a): Hurricane Irene (5.9 earthquake) in East US, the Atlantic coast (a record $7 billion in damages)

b): Record tornadoes in East/ Southeast US in the Ohio valley, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi and N. Carolina (over $10 billion in damages)

4): Rare October snowstorm in East/ Northeast US ($3 billion in damage)

5): Record rain and floods hit Australia's East/ Northeast coast and Queensland in 2011 ($30 billion in damages)

6): Deadliest natural disaster, torrential rains in Rio De Janeiro, East/Southeast Brazil (1.2 billion in damages, 13,000 homeless)

7): Typhoon Muifa batters China's East coast (600,000 people evacuated).

This is not to say that there are not problems in other areas of the world, but it seems like the most destructive influences coincide with the location of the annual 5-Yellow star.

In our homes, the 5-Yellow direction can be diffused of its intensity by applying heavy metal remedies (generally over 50 lbs. of metal). I could theorize that the 5-Yellow phenomenon is magnetic in nature--something we have yet to completely understand--and metal can diffuse its action much like having metal in your body diffusing an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image). The energy represented by the 5 is not always bad, and can be quite good in some circumstances, as all energy potentials have a positive and negative aspect that needs to be balanced.

Metal remedies can include bronze, gold, silver, iron and steel. They are good heat and electrical conductors. They actually make up over 80% of all the elements in existence--we are virtually surrounded by the stuff, inside and out. Metals are dense, structurally strong and usually shiny as they reflect light waves. They are the only substance sensitive to magnetic fields. A magnetized piece of steel will lift about 12 times its own weight and if you de-magnetize the same piece of steel, it will not even lift a feather. There are many theories that the Earth's core is metal and this is why we have a dipolar magnetic field that we can use in Feng Shui and navigation. Birds are said to be able to migrate because of the iron in their brains helping them to navigate in the right season to the right location. There is iron in every red blood cell nourishing our bodies with oxygen. The metal in our bodies (in addition to water) is the main reason we are sensitive to electrical energy fields. Even the calcium in our bones is technically a metal. It is essential to our way of life. Without metals, we would have no electricity or batteries (which need 2 metals or electricity). We would have no hemoglobin, or oxygen photosynthesis in plants (needs manganese metal from the soil) that create our food supply. Life would be very different indeed!

In Feng Shui practice, metals are very protective and help keep us safe (especially in this time period). They are a strong, versatile and beautiful material. Make sure you have the proper metal required in the Southeast of your home this year as the 5-Yellow has shifted to the Southeast in 2012. A classically trained Feng Shui consultant can advise you of other areas in your home that can also benefit from placing metal to promote your home's natural healing energy. The skillful use of metal is very important in traditional Feng Shui and can boost your life in many positive ways

© 2012 Lynda Lee Abdo Feng Shui consultant and author of "Heal Your Home" Lynda Lee Abdo is a certified professional Feng Shui consultant, author, artist and has been a commercial designer for more than 25

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