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Feng Shui a Wedding? Or Any Special Occasion

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 144

The other day a friend of mine asked if I could Feng Shui a wedding? I thought for a moment and then said, "yes!" If we can Feng Shui our homes, offices and yards, why can't we Feng Shui a wedding or any special occasion? Think of Feng Shui not only for weddings, but also for family reunions, milestone birthdays or even a baby shower. So, I thought it might be appropriate to write about using Feng Shui for a wedding. It would be a great tool, to make sure the event goes off smoothly. When we add Feng Shui to our environments, it makes for a more peaceful and calm space. That would be perfect for those events that usually cause a lot of stress and get people all worked up. It would be a great way to insure you will have an enjoyable event without all the chaos.

In Feng Shui, we use certain tools to adjust the energy of a space. We could use these same tools to insure that the event will go off smoothly and without worry. One tool we use in is the Elemental Balance Cure. This is where we use the five main elements of Feng Shui to balance the energy of any space. The five key elements are water, wood, fire, metal and earth. We can use the actual element, an image of the element or a color that represents that particular element. We can incorporate this cure for a particular event. A white wedding dress would represent the element of metal. A black tuxedo would integrate the water element. Incorporating candles would add the fire element, and flowers would bring in the wood element. Earth tone colors or anything in the shape of a square would bring in the stability of the earth element. When we use these five main elements of Feng Shui, it balances the energy of a particular space. This will ensure that the day goes as planned and things run smoothly.

You could use color. Color is a powerful tool used to adjust our environments. There are certain colors that we associate with love: pink, purple, red and even green. Green is the color of the heart chakra. We don't always think of green as the color of love, but it is a great color to express our love for one another. If we are celebrating a family reunion, we could also use the color green as a theme. The color green represents our family and heritage. That would be a nice way to mix in good family relations, ensuring a happy and relaxing reunion. We might use the color yellow for a baby shower. The color yellow represents health and energy. This would be appropriate to ensure a healthy and happy baby. The next time you are planning that special event, keep in mind the colors you choose and how they can balance the energy of the space.

Choose a location with meaning. Feng Shui is one way we can connect to our environment. When we choose a particular location for the big event, make sure that it is a place that is special. This will increase the beneficial energy of that space and make the event more memorable. Your special location could be your family's church, a park where you first met, or an exotic island that you always dreamed of visiting. When we have a strong connection to our surroundings, we will feel more comfortable and at ease. This will allow everyone to enjoy the day.

The next time you are planning a special event, remember some of these tips and maybe you can use some of these suggestions to ensure a successful event. Feng Shui is a lifestyle tool that can balance the energies of a particular space. It can be used to balance the energies of wedding, reunion, birthday or any day you wish to make special!

If you would like more information on Feng Shui or how Environmental Healing can transform your surroundings check out my website. Making Feng Shui comfortable not complicated.

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