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Chinese Coin Feng Shui in Dragon Year 2012-13

March 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 224

Chinese coins symbolize prosperity, abundance, and good fortune due to their unique design. The square in their centre represents Earth energy whilst their circular shape represents Heaven.

Heaven and Earth Qi combining thus renders Chinese Coins (especially in groups of three tied together with red fabric or thread) particularly effective for attracting prosperity and good fortune into one's life. 'Heaven, Earth and Man,' (between the two and handling the coinage) is this arrangement's message. Both the Dragon (Year Animal 2012-13) and Water (Year Element 2012-14) have strong Wealth associations making this an ideal time for Chinese coins' use for Feng Shui purposes.

Arrangement and Location

Arrangements of 2×3 and 3×3 coins (6 is heaven's number whilst 9 represents the Universal whole) can be particularly useful next to work-tables, cash-registers or displayed within locations' South East Wealth Sector. Coins should be arranged with their Yang side (the one displaying four Chinese Characters) uppermost. Coin-swords are another potent popular application.

Larger coins can be buried alongside a bamboo or other healthy houseplants placed in the S.E to activate financial growth--intensify this using quartz crystals or add the 'Chan Chu' Money Frog, Chi Lin, or Dragon Tortoise to create your own personal wealth 'Cure'. Put smaller coins inside Chinese 'lucky money' envelopes and place these on mantlepieces, desks, in drawers, cheque-books, account-books or purses.

A Brief History of Chinese Coinage

China's earliest currency took the form of Cowries (or Kaurii) the tiny, resilient sea-shells so common on beaches in the East. A form of standardisation took place during the Shang Dynasty (1500-1045 BCE) that led to their gradual replacement by bronze and copper cowrie-shaped equivalents.

The Zhou Dynasty (1045-256 BCE) saw copper Knife and Spade Money (so-called because of the coins' shapes) introduced. Their design suggests these were the equivalents of a certain amount of cutting or digging and could be used to hire and reward such work (and obtain a whole range of goods and services). Qin Huang De (of Terracotta Army fame) introduced standard circular coins with square central holes after his epic reunification of China in 256 BCE.

Following the Qin First Emperor's lead, each new Chinese Emperor introduced similar currency bearing his name (located within the four characters on coins' Yang side) until modern times.

Coin or 'Con'? How to Select Auspicious Examples

Feng Shui coins are mostly replicas (the 'resemblance' principle means these work as well as the 'real thing') but ensure these are metal ones and not plastic resin as the Metal Element is important here. Copies of coins issued by the first 5 Qing Dynasty (1664-1911 CE) Emperors (a period of Chinese stability and prosperity) are considered most auspicious, particularly those issued by Chien-Lung (1736-1796 CE) China's longest-reigning Emperor.


As Chien-Lung (literally 'Heaven-Dragon') occupied the Dragon Throne for such a long time, he issued more coins than any other Chinese Emperor. It is replicas of the copper-cash of the period of his reign that are the most popular, useful and auspicious for contemporary Feng Shui purposes.

Feng Shui Consultant Peter Allsop M.Ed. also publishes 'Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine'. Longevity Training, Iron Shirt, 5 Elements Qigong, Daoism, Chinese metaphysics and Astrology feature among his interests alongside gem and crystal Feng Shui.

Explore the resources a or

Senior Student of GrandmasterYap Leong, Peter also teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong in Yorkshire and Derbyshire U. K. as Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor for the region.

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