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Benefits of Solar Water Fountains

February 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

When you are searching for that perfect accent to your home or garden, look no further than the solar water fountain. Solar fountains include such styles as the cascading 4-tiered fountain, the smaller animal spouting fountains, solar birdbath fountains, solar pond fountains and the latest solar-on-demand fountains.

The beauty a water fountain exhibits leads the observer to focus and enjoy, even if only for a few moments, on simple pleasures. The gentle sounds of falling water can bring calm to your day and will send away any stressful thoughts you may be having at the time. A water fountain can be a focal point for your garden, deck, patio or balcony. They promote the smooth flow of Chi, or vital life energy, that is believed to have a positive impact on our prosperity and longevity. Water fountains also provide a good focal point to facilitate the practice of meditation, yoga or tai chi.

A solar fountain is one that does not require anything but sunlight to operate the reliable pump. They come with a solar panel and an attached 10ft cable. The cascading style fountain has an AC adaptor that allows you to bring it indoors and operate it in the evening. Birds and other wildlife are more likely to visit the solar birdbath fountains due to the constantly moving water. The latest solar fountain technology is the solar-on-demand concept. This type of fountain provides flexibility as to when to operate it due to the self-contained battery attached to the solar panel. The battery will charge during the day, allowing you to operate the fountain during the evening.

Solar water fountains have numerous added benefits that include:

· There is no cost to operate

· No electrical source is needed

· No wiring

· Renewable

· Lightweight and portable

· Non-polluting

· Solar panel needs to have direct sunlight to operate, but the fountain can be placed up to 10ft away from the fountain.

Solar water fountains allow you to achieve comfort and a little peace through an energy efficient method. Energy is difficult to acquire yet simple to waste, and using it for electricity is costly to our planet. Planning part of your outdoor landscape around a water fountain gives you an area of comfort where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Solar water fountains are a luxury décor item that can be found at a variety of price points. They are made of many different materials including: ceramic, weather-resistant resin, metal, and wood. Choose a fountain that suits your style and color scheme.

Cecelia Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in the area of mental health disorders and mental well-being. Please visit her website on Solar Water Fountains:

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