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What Kind Of Fax Options Are Available These Days

December 09, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 107

In the past, when it came to faxing there weren't a lot of fax options. You either had to have a fax machine, or you had to run to the local copy shop and have them send your document for you. Not so anymore. There is a new fax option, internet fax. Internet fax lets you leave behind the requirement for a traditional fax machine. That means that if you don't own one, no problem. If you don't want to go through the hassle of finding someone with a traditional machine that you can use, no problem. You can still easily fax documents from the comfort and convenience of your own home. How is this possible you ask? Easy, by using the internet.

Internet fax allows you to send or receive documents on your computer to or from a traditional fax machine. To send them over the internet, you first must sign up with an online fax service (OFS). You will pay a monthly fee, but it is usually quite reasonable; often less than $10.00 a month for 500 faxes or more. This works out to be about 2 cents per fax or less. The OFS is the link that connects your computer to the fax machine. Let's suppose you want to send a document. You don't have a fax machine, but you need to send it to someone that does have a one. All you have to do is attach the document that you want to send to an email. Then the email goes to the OFS. There it is converted and then sent on to the fax machine of the person you are sending it to.

People that have fax machines can also send you document even though you don't have one. The OFS that you sign up with will give you a fax number that you can then tell people. It looks like a normal fax number, but after they type in the number and send the document from their machine, it goes to the OFS, where it is converted and then sent on to you. The document will arrive to you in an email as an attachment. The whole process is pretty slick. The great thing is that as far as the other person with the traditional machine is concerned, everything is completely normal. They get faxes out of their machine just as if they were being sent by a traditional machine, and they send them from their machine just as if they were sending it to a traditional fax machine.

Looking for more fax options? Well you've found a great one in internet fax. It can be extremely inexpensive, very convenient, and best of all; you don't need a fax machine.

Robby has helped many people learn about online fax. For more information, tips, and advice on different fax options visit his website Online Fax Service Central. You will also find a great tool there that can help you compare online fax services.

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