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Managing The Realities Of Fatherhood Effectively

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 127

The worst fear of a father is to fail his family in his duties as head of the house. When you discover that you are about to become a father this fear naturally comes in. Eventually, anxieties come with many questions with few answers. In some cases, fathers feel that being the tough guy helps. But this view has its own problems. What are some valid expectations of a father? How can you balance the expectations effectively?

Expectations of a father

The presence of a father in a home instills a sense of security. In the mind of every child, a father is the super hero ready to protect the family from any enemy. Mothers look to the father of the home to provide for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the family. Therefore, the basic expectations of a father include the following:

  1. Providing the basic necessities: A father should provide food, clothing and shelter for the family.
  2. Instilling discipline: A father is there to help the children grow into responsible adults by providing loving discipline.
  3. Providing for the spiritual needs: A father is there to help the children satisfy their spiritual needs with the aim of helping improve their lives.
  4. Addressing emotional challenges: A father has the duty of taking care of the emotional needs of the children without irritating them.
  5. Providing wise council: A father is an auxiliary councilor with the responsibility of helping children to understand the consequences of any actions they may intend to take.

Managing the expectations effectively

Fatherhood is a duty for which there are no formal schools and universities. But, guidance is everywhere. Therefore, succeeding involves consulting the most experienced fathers around you. But, the best preparation starts with your mental status. You need to accept the responsibility and live up to it by even going an extra mile for your family. From time to time you will meet up with disturbing situations in your family. You will be the final voice when such matters arise. Therefore, you need to avoid putting forward your emotions when dealing with family issues.

The art of modesty helps a lot when things fail to work out. Even if you are one of the best fathers around, you are still imperfect. Therefore, sometimes your judgment can be wrong about certain matters. Do not hesitate to accept your mistakes where necessary. But this is not supposed to discourage you from putting in your best. You can succeed as a father if you are determined to make things work.

I am Ernest Mwaba. I have a blog which covers a variety of pressing issues at and I have been maintaining it for the past two years. I enjoy writing in a manner that provokes thinking and reveal unique facts we rarely examine. I invite you to visit my blog today and learn about many issues that we face on a daily basis.

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