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Are You Using Smoke Signals For Your Baby Announcement?

May 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 151

Okay, maybe smoke signals are bit too primitive of a way to announce the birth of a baby, but that's the only method that my friends are expecting me to use to deliver the news. When informed of this, it is obvious that yet again, I over-looked an important part of my impending fatherhood... the proper execution of our new baby announcement.

It was just recently, prior to the Mom's baby shower, that one of her friends asked how we planned to let everyone know that we were racing off to the hospital when the baby was on the way. I had only just decided a week or so earlier that I wasn't even going to get my parents all worked up about this topic. I had the crazy idea that I wasn't going to announce the arrival of the baby until the baby actually arrived.

Who would have thought that friends needed to be kept in the loop about our jaunt to the delivery room?

Prior to starting my dad blog, I was not a very active participant in social media and I still continually fail to keep in regular contact with most friends and family members.

I don't have a land line in my home, I don't use a cell phone (so I don't text) I am just introducing myself to Facebook and Twitter, I rarely use email and my tin can on a string phone has been missing since the second grade. I don't dislike communication devices, I just don't use them. I did purchase a tablet computer recently, but only because I was told it could function as a baby monitor.

I guess being a new dad in his forties makes me more old school than new. So, I was excited to discover that my old ways of thinking aren't really that out of the ordinary. According to my accidental findings, 76 percent of parents use an old fashioned phone call to announce their baby's arrival. So I guess it's best for me to keep saving my quarters.

Do they still have pay phones in a hospital?

Do pay phones still take quarters?

I don't think my reluctance to open a Facebook account for the sake of announcing my child's birth makes me a bad guy. I may not be on the forefront of technology, but at least I've got the baby announcement idea on my mind. I may not have all the details worked out yet, but for the most part, I think the baby's mom can see my side of things with this one. Can't we just enjoy a few moments with just the three of us before blowing the doors wide open?

My internal tug-o-war with the proper way of informing everyone led me to question whether there really is such a thing as baby announcement etiquette? If there is, when is the right time to send a birth announcement? Is it still okay in this day and age to send out baby announcement cards instead of an email or online posting? I don't think we would be upsetting too many people if we didn't publicize the arrival of our child within minutes of being born.

There was a point after the idea of the birth announcement was first introduced to me, that I thought I was preparing myself quite well. Now, I'm only more confused.

I don't own a flare gun so maybe smoke signals may be a reasonable consideration? Keep your eyes open!,

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