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Will PETA Also Protest Petri Dish Processed Protein?

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 228

Okay so, I doubt if any humans really want to slaughter a bunch of animals, and although there are some hunters who do it for sport, which is somewhat of a genetic throwback, I don't think that humans overall have it out for our animal friends. Obviously, there are some animals which humans are wise enough to stay away from, unless they do bring their big guns to play. When it comes to livestock, it's totally a different story, as it has to do with food supply, and staying with our genetically evolved diet.

Of course, then there is PETA the animal rights activist group, who are vegetarians and will not buy or use any animal product. They won't wear leather shoes, fur coats, or even drink milk or use dairy products. They don't believe it is right to kill an animal for its parts, meat, or for any other reason. Well, there might be a solution here, one which will keep the PETA activists at bay (literally - think blue fin tuna and whales), and still allow them to get the protein in their diet they desperately need for their minds, so that they may perhaps reevaluate their stance on these issues.

Now then, apparently according to an article published in Global Processing News recently, "Dutch scientists use stem cells to create lab-grown meat," and a similar article was printed in the BBC on February 19, 2012 titled; "Lab-grown meat is first step to artificial hamburger," by Pallab Ghosh, which stated;

"Synthetic meat could reduce the environmental footprint of meat by up to 60%. Maastricht University in the Netherlands has grown small pieces of muscle about 2cm long, 1cm wide and about a mm thick. They are off-white and resemble strips of calamari in appearance. These strips will be mixed with blood and artificially grown fat to produce a hamburger by the autumn."

Imagine if you will being able to eat "shark fin soup" by just growing the shark fin, without having to kill the whole shark just to use the fin? Imagine growing elephant tusks for ivory without having to slaughter a perfectly wonderful animal? And then there are other issues, one of the challenges with livestock is all of the health issues, bacteria, and waste. Getting rid of all the pollution, chicken feathers, hog waste, and what have you. Much of this goes inadvertently into water and ends up in freshwater supplies, and it is perhaps one of the reasons we are challenged by Swine and Bird Flu.

Being able to grow our meat without producing an animal to later slaughter makes more sense, produces less waste, and is probably better for humanity. Now then, whereas it is true that most of the animal parts are used for something, whether it be cosmetics, handbags, shoes, fertilizer, food, dog food, or a number of other things, it seems that in many cases not only is it more animane to do it this way, but it also solves so many other issues. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

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