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Tips for You on How to Raise Chickens

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 182

The backyard chicken coop is something that was once a common sight behind most every house. There were small yards for the birds and a little shelter. This is primarily where people got their eggs from and where they got their chicken meat for cooking. This became less and less popular as the years went by and the large supermarket chains started to carry the products these small backyard operations produced. You may have noticed that with the economy starting to slip the way it has more people are returning to doing some things the way their grandparents did them and this includes raising their own poultry.

The biggest concern you will have when you decide to raise poultry is providing them with adequate housing and an appropriate coop. You want their house to be enclosed on at least three sides with a material such as wood or metal. The house needs to have a roof that does not leak because inside this structure is where the birds will go to sleep and to nest.

Inside the structure you will also have boxes for the hens to go to in order to lay their eggs. You will need one laying box for every three to four hens that you have. You want to make sure to place the boxes off of the ground but allow the ladies to have a way to get to them without flying since most cooped chickens become too heavy to fly.

Inside of the structure you also need to place a roosting pole for the birds to rest on at night. Remember that the animals require approximately ten inches of space for each one when they are resting. The poles should be the highest thing in the hen house because their natural instincts are to get to the highest place they can to go to roost. The poles need to be large enough the chicken can wrap its toes around it to hold on and small enough that they can wrap their toes around it.

Outside of the house you will string wire to form a pen. This is generally called the chicken yard and is where the birds will spend the majority of their time. You need to bury some of the wire in the ground when you are building the yard so that animals like dogs, foxes, and raccoons have difficulty getting in. You will also want to consider placing wire on top of the yard as well because hawks and owls love to eat chickens and things like the ink will crawl right over the fence.

Never feed the animals inside their structure. You want them to eat and drink in the yard. These birds will eat almost any table scraps that you have but in order to reduce the amount of critters you have breaking into your coop you only want to give them this type of food in the morning and never give them more than they can eat in one day.

You want only one rooster in the flock and you want to provide plenty of water every day. In order for them to lay eggs they will require plenty of sunlight. A hen lays an egg about every 18 hours.

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