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Find Out Why Putting A Movable Chicken Coop In Your Yard Can Be Very Healthy For You and Your Family

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 4810

Commercially produced eggs and chicken meat can be some of the most tainted foods in the market. Corporate chicken factories that produce the non organic eggs and chicken you buy in the supermarket are mostly interested in profit, less interested in how ultimately healthy the products they produce are. Most corporate industrially farmed chickens are not raised or fed anything close to what they would be when they are scratch raised. In the chicken factory they are fed mostly corn with chemical additives, growth hormones, antibiotics and other synthetic ingredients. This all results in unhealthy eggs and chicken meat.

The chicken you might eat from fast food restaurants and from many other sources are most often from corporate factories. If you want to buy healthy eggs and chicken it is best to buy organic or from a local farm where you can find out exactly how the chickens are raised and fed. Even when the eggs and chicken is labeled organic, there is still usually no way to be sure what the chickens are being fed and how they are being treated.

A movable chicken coop in your yard with a few chickens can be the solution to getting the healthiest eggs and chicken for you and your family to eat. Having your own movable chicken coop gives you the ability to control what the chickens are fed and how they are raised and subsequently how healthy the eggs and chicken are.

This is what a growing movement of families are doing. The movable chicken coop saves money and if you produce more eggs that you need you trade sell them and this can off set what you spend on raising the chickens.

Part of the organic foods movement includes organic eggs and chicken. There is little doubt that eating an organic foods diet is healthier for you. One of the reasons you might be resistant to buying exclusively organic eggs and chicken is because it is more expensive. Often as much as 50 percent higher. The idea of producing your own eggs and chickens with a movable chicken coop makes total sense. Food is getting steadily more expensive as inflation grows.

I have many friends who have taken the step to producing their own eggs and chicken.

The initial investment is as little as a few hundred dollars when you build your own coop to just a bit more when you buy a chicken coop kit. Once you have your chicken coop set up and your chickens growing and producing you will start to make the start up investment back. Over the long run you can produce fresh organic eggs and chicken at a fraction of what it would cost to buy the eggs and chicken in the store.

The other possibility is that you can also create a little side business offering your eggs for sale to your neighbors. At times when I have not been raising my own chickens I have been able to buy organic eggs from my neighbors at less than the store cost and I know right where the eggs come from and how they are produced.

If you have any reasonable size yard you can have a movable chicken coop and get your own fresh organic eggs.

The author Michael, writes about holistic health and healthy eating for publication on the internet to help people find avenues to naturally improve their health. He also does holistic health and lifestyle coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area. He passionate about raising organic food, including raising chickens for fresh organic eggs.

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Michael invites all readers to visit his websites and learn more about raising organic eggs, chicken and all the fabulous health benefits.

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