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Backyard Chickens - Raising Backyard Chickens For Meat

February 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 178

Raising backyard chickens for meat is not what most people generally start raising chickens for. The typical person starts raising backyard chickens for eggs and pets. A friend of mine never planned to eat any of her birds but she had too many roosters one spring as a result of a hen hiding a clutch of eggs, and the rest is history. She keeps chickens for eggs but has expanded and now raises meat birds specifically for her family.

Not everyone can raise, kill and then eat the chickens they raised in their backyard. But, if you are able to change your mind set and begin to think of your chickens as food sources, I think it makes it easier to make the transition to raising backyard chickens for meat.

There are chickens that you raise for their egg production and chickens that you raise for their meat. Each type of chicken has different food requirements and taking care of backyard chickens as food sources actually requires careful planning on your part. As a result, your strategy for raising your egg laying flock may not be applicable for a meat producing group.

There are several things that you need to consider if you considering raising backyard chickens for meat.

Selecting a Breed:

When considering the chicken breeds available you can pick egg layers, dual purpose breeds, and / or meat birds. The egg layers are those that are able to lay high quality eggs, the meat birds are those that are able to be great sources of chicken meat, while the dual purpose breeds are those that can do an adequate job of both being a meat source or an egg source.

But, if you are raising backyard chickens for meat, you should get meat birds. Breeds that are classified as meat birds usually grow extremely rapidly and have frames that are large and ideal for obtaining meat. Some breeds that you may want to consider include: Cornish, Orpingtons, or Giants.

Getting A Rooster:

There are different approaches to getting your meat birds. You can opt to buy chicks from a hatchery which may be more convenient but they usually treat chicks with antibiotics which I don't like if I'm going to eat a bird.A cheaper way to get your chicks is to have a rooster or two around to fertilize the eggs of your chickens. Then you will know what your chicks have been fed. As long as they are raised from healthy stock and are fed correctly, there is no need to feed your chicks antibiotics.

Before you run out and get roosters, you need to check your local laws to see if they actually allow you to keep roosters as part of your backyard chicken flock. This is because some states do not allow this perhaps due to the fact that roosters can usually make a lot of noise as compared to the hens. Roosters do not just crow in the morning! They tend to crow at regular intervals throughout the day which I find charming but your neighbors may not.


If you attempt to raise your own chicks, you are probably going to find that most meat birds are not very broody. This means that you will have to pull the eggs you want to hatch and put them in a brooder to hatch them. The brooder is an essential piece of equipment to have on hand to ensure that you can successfully raise your chicks.

Since I have egg layers as well, I have had good luck pulling eggs from the desired hens and placing them under the broody hens that I have for egg production. I mark the meat bird eggs and then pull the unwanted eggs from the hen.

You will also need a safe place to house your young meat birds to prevent them from being taken by predators and also to control what they eat. I have a separate chicken run that I use to house only my meat birds. That way I know exactly what they are getting fed and I can monitor them more closely than their free range counterparts.

Raising backyard chickens for meat is not as complicated as many make it sound. The hardest part for me is to not see them as pets because then I can't kill them and eat them. But, I know my birds are treated well and their meat is much fresher than anything that I can buy in a store.

Get more helpful information on raising backyard chickens

Raising backyard chickens is a great way to get fresh eggs and fresh meat. For more information on chicken care and chicken diseases Click Here.

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