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5 Common Causes of Eye Irritation and Recommended Measures

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 122

Eye irritation is a common problem experienced by individuals of all age groups. It is actually itching, stinging, burning or other painful irritating sensation in the eyes. The common symptoms associated with eye irritation is itching, redness, soreness, swelling, tearing, burning, pain, fatigue etc. along with a blurred vision. In such a situation patient often feels as if there is a speck in his eyes.

A host of conditions may lead to eye irritation, out of which, some require an immediate consultation with an ophthalmologist and some go away with time without requiring any medical treatment. But if you ever happen to suffer from a condition of eye irritation, you must avoid rubbing your eyes, using eye makeup etc., and you must also protect them from dust. Following are five mostly observed eye irritation causes along with the precautionary or curative measures that one should take in each of the cases:

1. Foreign Particles in Eyes:

If something like a dust particle or eye makeup has gone in your eyes, it can cause an eye irritation. In such a case, you must wash it off properly with cold tap water without rubbing your eyes. This should solve the problem.

2. Dry Eye Syndrome:

Constant computer use without blinking eyes, hormonal changes, use of contact lenses, dry atmospheric conditions, certain medicines and cigarette smoke leads to a situation in which the tear glands do not produce enough amount or quality of tear drops to keep the optimum level of moisture in the eyes, resulting in dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome also causes eye irritation and if not treated may result in blurred vision and infections. In such a situation, you must visit an ophthalmologist, who may prescribe you a suitable eye lubricating drop, gel or ointment to maintain the correct moisture level in your eyes. Dry Eye Syndrome is not curable but it can be dealt with using external lubrication or by surgical methods. However, in most of the cases, the problem of Dry Eye Syndrome itself could be avoided at the first place if you take regular breaks and try to blink your eyes often while working.

3. Infections and Allergies:

Eye irritation may very often make the white portion of your eyes (sclera) look red and in case if you have the other symptoms of eye irritation as well, you might have caught an infection known as conjunctivitis. Although, allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious, the viral conjunctivitis is. It is best in such a situation to visit your family doctor or an ophthalmologist to get it treated fast. He may prescribe you a suitable eye drop along with some oral medications.

Similarly, eye irritation may be caused by allergies also. People may have foreign particles allergy, smoke allergy or seasonal allergies. In such cases as well the eyes become red. If you are suffering from this, you must pay attention to the pattern of your disease and try to find out what you are allergic to. Ophthalmologists prescribe drugs or eye drops which must be used as and when required to take care of such a condition.

4. Sub-conjunctival Hemorrhage:

Sub-conjunctival hemorrhage is a condition caused by the broken blood vessels beneath the tissue covering the sclera. It makes the eyes look red and really frightening at times. However, in general, it is not harmful and often does not cause any discomfort or vision related problems. But to be on the safer side and to be sure that there is no other problem causing the red eyes; one must consult an eye doctor. This problem generally does not require any medication and goes away with time.

5. Injuries:

In case of injuries to eyes, they may become red, swollen and painful. Injuries to eyes are very dangerous and require an immediate consultation with your ophthalmologist. Injuries may not only result in visible ailments but they may also cause some internal damages. In such cases, whether or not the injury is major, you must consult an eye doctor immediately to know the impact and get treated timely so as to avoid permanent vision loss or any other complications. For some immediate relief, however, you can use ice packs on your eyes.

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