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What Threatens Meerkats?

February 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 905

Like all wild animals, meerkats face a variety of threats, but what are the main dangers a meerkat is likely to face? The biggest threat to meerkats is predation, but they also face threats from rival meerkat clans, diseases and the climate.

Birds of Prey

There are several different kinds of predators that target meerkats, and they attack in a variety of ways. The most dangerous of the predators though, is the martial eagle; it has a six foot wing span, and is large enough to target adult meerkats. What makes it more dangerous is the speed at which it flies and swoops down; it's so fast that meerkats often don't have time to run for cover, even if they see it coming.

But the martial eagle isn't the only predator soaring above, there are many other birds of prey in the sky. While they're mostly too small to go after the adults, they're all happy to feast on a helpless meerkat pup, given the opportunity.

Land Predators

Meerkats might be predators, but they're not at the top of the food chain. There are a couple of predators on the ground that'll gleefully snag a meerkat, given half a chance. They are side striped jackals, and servals. The jackal is a kind of wild dog, and the serval a wild cat. They're not large predators like lions, but they're several times the size of an adult meerkat.

Both jackals and servals have to sneak up on meerkats, if they want any chance of a meal. One on one a meerkat has no chance, but they live, and fight, in large groups. If the meerkats spot a jackal or serval coming, they're safe. Jackals and servals might be larger, but thirty sets of claws and teeth can do some serious damage.

Rival Clans

While meerkats can usually avoid predators, they often have to fight rival clans to defend their territory. Meerkats depend on their territory for food, so when rivals stray too far in search of food, it's battle stations for the meerkats, if they're not badly outnumbered.

Meerkats have sharp claws and teeth, so the fighting can get vicious, and it's not unusual for meerkats to get killed in these skirmishes. And because meerkats identify each other by smell, it's common for them to attack family members when the battle is over, since they're covered in the scent of the enemy.


Meerkats are susceptible to rabies, and it's around in the wild population. Rabies is a viral infection that makes the brain swell, it's a horrible way to go, usually leaving the infected animal unable to eat or drink, until eventually it dies. While the rabies virus is around, it hasn't reached endemic proportions.

The other main disease being tracked is tuberculosis(TB). Many people suspect that foreign tourists are responsible for introducing TB to the meerkat population, although it can't be proven. However it was introduced, meerkats are now passing it to each other, with lower ranking group members more at risk, because they spend more time grooming their fellows.

The Weather

The last threat is from the weather; a freak storm will often flood meerkat burrows, and if it happens while they're sleeping they can drown. Death from floods is rare though, and heavy rain tends to help the meerkats overall, because it brings the creepy crawlies to the surface, providing plenty of easy food.

Sue Ricatta is the owner of, where you can learn all about meerkats, and discover how these fascinating animals survive in the desert.

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