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Tips To Tame Your Pet Ferret

March 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 225

Are you planning to bring a pet ferret home? Well, a ferret is a beautiful mammal and having this cute and playful pet in your house will definitely lift the moods of everyone in the house. After dogs and cats, the ferrets are the most common un-caged pet in the United States. Ferrets are members of the family of weasels (Mustelidae), they are also related to weasel, badgers, otters, minks and skunks. However, you should not confuse ferrets with Blackfooted Ferrets, a species that is endangered and is only remotely related to the ferrets. If you are thinking of keeping a ferret as a pet you will have to know how you can take care of it. However, you will also have to know how you can tame your pet ferret.

Preparations for taming your pet ferret

If you want to tame your pet ferret right, you should let it be on its own for the first few days after you bring it home. Don't try to handle him much right in the beginning. Let your pet ferret remain in the cage as much as he wants to, this will help him to adapt to the new environment and conditions. After you get your pet ferret home you should provide a routine for him. The routine will help your ferret to understand what is expected of him at a given point of time and this will go a long way in making him feel secure. If you want to tame your pet ferret, you first have to develop a level of trust with him. For developing this all important trust you will have to play with your ferret and spend time with him as much as possible. This will help your ferret to get used to your presence. You can tame and train your ferret only after he is comfortable in your presence.

Taming your pet ferret

After your pet ferret starts trusting you and becomes comfortable in your presence, you can start working with him. If you want to train your ferret, make sure that he is alert. If you proceed to train him right after he awakes from sleep, he will be relatively less receptive and this will defeat your purpose. Ferrets have limited vision; therefore before you pick up your ferret with your hands speak to him in a gentle voice. Speaking to him will help him to grow familiar with his name and your voice. It will also help him understand that you are approaching him. Let your ferret come to you first. If you reach out for him suddenly, he may get nervous and scared. When you want to pick up your ferret make sure that you use both your hands. Use one hand to cradle the ferret's hips and one to support his chest. Holding him against your chest after picking him up will give him a sense of security. Once your ferret gets used to it he will let you know if he wants to let you pick him up by holding your hands or leg when you are near him.

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